Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post It 1/12

It's Tuesday.

It's cold.  Again.  

It has snowed overnight.  Again.

The sky is a pale shade of gray.  Again.

I swear,  I feel like I am stuck in the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, except there is no quirky and funny leading man. (That and I could never be Andie McDowell.  Sooooo beautiful!  And when she costarred with Hugh Grant in Four Weddings?!?  Loved, loved, loved her!  Alas, I digress.) Nope.  Around here, there is only a two year old that refuses to wear clothing, a kitchen remodel that is stuck in neutral, and the feeling that I need to hibernate until this winter is over.

So, in honor of my general laziness and boredom, I have prepared a Post It Tuesday for you. ( I know.  I know.  Sometimes I am good like that and I can read your mind! ) I just know that you, like me, needed a short and sweet (and slack) post today, so here you go.  You can thank me later.

If you are in the mood for more Post It fun, hop on over to Supah Mommy's blog.  She is a riot!


  1. Visiting from SITS! Hysterical post-its, love it!! Following your blog!

  2. Keep warm.....Love the blog..nominating you for a "Sexy Fry" Award.

  3. You don't really want to be frost bitten do you?! I'd be happy to share the low 70's that we're getting here in AZ.

  4. I'm so ready for the warmth here too!

  5. LOL love the "reindeer" postie! Stopping in from Supah's :)

  6. Love the note to Jack Frost. 'Bite me' is such a lovely epithet, one I can really sink my teeth into ...

    LMAO over the Godfather-esque threat to your neighbor who's still got his Christmas lights up!

    Sticky notes are the bomb!

  7. Super Duper post its!! The reindeer head cracked me up!

  8. Oh My God!!!! I am in the middle of year long remodel...Trust me once they start they never finish...I finally got my master bathroom done and he decides he needed to add another vanity to the bathroom...Started that ONE month ago...Still sits waiting to be tiled...I give up...This weekend I plan on posting before and after pictures if you care to look...I wish you good luck!!!

  9. I live in Alabama.. its not supposed to be this cold! Im ready for it to warm up too!
    Haha! :) saw ur link on Supah's page!

    Now following you :)


  10. I loved the reindeer and Jack Frost ones! I hear FL is not happy with their weather either right now. It's been so cold here that I was super excited about 40 degrees yesterday. Sad. Wake me up when it's May...

  11. Annie, I remember when Scott and I decided to finish our basement. It took Scott over a year to get one wall prepped and drywalled. Eventually I got him to agree to have the Amish come in and finish the job. (We lived in the Amish Lancaster County Pa area at the time). They finished the job in two days! I will never forget it and yes, I know what you mean about "do it yourself handymans" being sexy on TV. I thought those Amish Men were HOT!!!! Any man who begins and ends a remodeling jog in two days was HOT to me!!! lol. Love your blog even though I am in the above generation. It brings back wonderful memories!


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