Thursday, January 7, 2010

Following My Bliss . . .

I have been reading about Blissdom, the blogging conference, on many of your blogs and posts.  It is a conference for bloggers  on February 5-7 in Nashville, TN.  Like any other conference, Blissdom has speakers and workshops, but unlike other conferences, these conferences and workshops center around blogging and writing and the like.  Cool, huh?  

I think so.

And the name, Blissdom, is supposed to be an encouragement to follow your own bliss, an idea that I agree with wholeheartedly.  I absolutely think that a person should do what makes his or her heart happy.  But (And isn't there always a but?), here's my dilemma.

I love to blog.  I love to write and to connect to all of you out there in bloggy world.  I do believe that this writing thing IS my bliss to follow.

But . . . 

How do you follow your bliss when your bliss is not in your budget?

Yes, as much as I would like to attend Blissdom,  I really can't justify spending money for the conference, hotel, travel, and food and entertainment.  It could (and probably would) be well over $500 dollars.


In our family budget, five hundred dollars is a lot!  It is the equivalent of a month's worth of groceries or a car payment and insurance payment put together.

A lot.

And that is what makes it so hard for me.  I wish I could say that I had a strong faith and that I knew that God would provide for me if I decided to go for my bliss, but I can't.  I struggle with my faith daily.  My relationship with God is something that I am constantly working on.  It is a journey for me.  

And on the map of my long journey, I am not yet at the exit that says, "Close your eyes and leap."  Instead, I am stuck in a traffic jam in Doubtsville.

Truthfully, if it comes down to choosing a weekend to explore my writing and blogging OR groceries for my family, I will pick feeding my family every time. 

But,  I wish I had the faith to just close my eyes, and take that leap.

Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. That sounds like it would be a fun time..but like you..I can't afford it either, especially not getting there from AZ. So I'll just have to keep up with the bliss of blogging and comments/commenting!

  2. I don't often comment on blogs, but I strongly believe that you deserve what makes you happy (everyone does), and you should do what it takes to make it happen. You can make it happen. Sometimes it takes having faith to feel like you can have faith, if that even makes sense.
    Good luck, and enjoy the conference!!

  3. Hmmm. 500 dollars CAN be alot. But if you REALLY want this, can you make it happen? If that means cutting out some things, could it work.

    You have your life. You have your dreams. You are worth it.

    Your family thinks so too.

    Can you find a way to cut some things out to make something that potentially can be really inspiring and motivational, perhaps life changing, happen?

    I swear, I don't work on the blissdom marketing. But I know what it feels like to have regrets about not following through.

    You can get there if you really want.

  4. Just stopping by from SITS and this post caught my eye. I am also dreaming of attending Blissdom. Cute blog!:)

  5. I'm practical, too. I'd choose the family.

    Maybe if you squirrel away and save you can go next year?


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