Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

Monday, January 4th- Kids back to school!!!!

My morning . . .

4:30 Wake up and can't get back to sleep, because I am thinking of all the things that I have to do today.

6:30 Finally back to sleep. 

7:00 Out of bed.  7 degrees outside.  Curse the fact that I no longer live in FL.

7:05 First coffee.  Goes down without my tasting it.  Just trying to get warm.

7:07 Second coffee and a leftover Krispy Kreme.  Beginning to wake up.

7:08 On couch with Christmas snuggie from hubby.  Watch dvr'ed Holmes on Homes.

7:10  Consider the fact that home improvement guys (that know what they are doing) are a huge turn on.  Seriously? Ty Pennington is a super hottie.

7:30 Abbie up.  Write and address bills for the beginning of the month.

7:45 Make Abbie's lunch.

7:50 El up.

8:00 Help Ab get ready for school.  Change a diaper.  Curse the fact that El is not potty trained yet.  Wake up E.

8:05  Put on a bra. Realize that no one would notice if I did not wear one, as I am not even getting out of the car, but know that I can not stand loose, floppy boobs as I run out to the cold car.  Pull warm ups on over my pj  bottoms and a sweat shirt over my pj top.  Hope for a shower later.

8:10  Warm up frozen car.  Notice that I am 3,000 miles past my last oil change.  Wonder at the fact that the car even started.  10 degrees outside.

8:25 Load up the car with kiddies that can't put their arms down because of their immense snow gear.  Drive Ab to school.

8:34  Arrive home.  Unload.  Feed El and E breakfast.  Help them get dressed for the day.

8:40 Change poopie diaper.  Look for my coffee cup that I have misplaced.  

8:50  Finally go to the bathroom.  Alone.  (Whooeee!)  Brush teeth.  Feel thankful that my short haircut looks OK after I have slept on it for an entire night.

9:00 Load up car AGAIN.  Drive E to school. 

9:10  Drive thru coffee at Caribou Coffee.  Hello Cafe Mocha!  Celebrate the fact that I am down 2 kiddies for morning errands.

9:15 Bank.

9:20 Gas

9:30 Post office.

9:40 Sam's club.  Realize that I am not a business member of Sam's and can not get into the actual store until 10am.  Curse Mr. Walton.

9:55  Change plans and go to Lowes.  Check out clearance appliances for the kitchen remodel.  Find none, but see that they are having a super deal on carpeting.  Wonder if we should get carpeting NOW instead of waiting, as planned.

10:15  Back to Sam's.  Pay a bill and then order new contacts at the eye center.  El plays with the sunglass display.  Notice that she doesn't really match, and her hair is now sticking straight up in the back from rubbing it against her car seat.

10:45  Venture to Jiffy Lube for a much needed oil change.  Get talked into a tire rotation, but in turn, convince them to give me $10 off the service because I left my $10 coupon at home.

11:15  Realize that Jiffy Lube is not necessarily that jiffy.  Wonder if they need the industrial strength vacuum to suck up all of the stray french fries underneath Ellerie's seat.

11:30 Pick up Ethan.

11:35 Home to make lunch.

11:40  Find my missing coffee cup in the pantry.

And how was your morning?


  1. Lol! I loved reading about your morning. My kids were home doesn't start til tomorrow...but I am sure my morning tomorrow will be similar to yours today(minus the diaper changes!) I am out of that stage but pre-teens and teenager are just as hair-raising!:-)
    Will let you know how it goes!:-)
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love reading about your day. My day is a bit different since I didn't head outside other then to feed the chickens and stoke the stove because we had -33* at 5:00 this morning and did make it to 1* this afternoon but now -10* and suppose to be very windy and cold again tonight. But I got up at 4:30 to get my three daycare kids, fed and changed Hannah, put them all to bed, 6:30 got Jon back up, got him breakfast, got him on the bus, woke up my son and hubby got them up, fed and off to work/school. Then to Justin and Hannah at 8:00 for breakfast and changing the diaper. We played all morning along with got the fire done two more times, did the laundry, worked on some paperwork and then played some more. A busy morning and really wishing we could go out and play but will have to wait a few more day/weeks/months. Ugh.... :o(

  3. I love your posts. Believe me when I say I check usually in the morning to read them as they make me laugh and get me going. Don't get me wrong- I have 4 kids on in college now and the youngest in pre-k so it is chaos here too-but fun chaos.
    Keep the posts coming - and truth be told - I do the car line in pj's too.
    :) tammy


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