Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photo Confession Wednesday

Just to spice things up, 

because, I love spice, you know, even if my ulcer does not, 

I thought that being that it is my confession Wednesday,  I would partake of my confessional with photos from my everyday, ho hum, crazy life.  I must, however, warn you.  These are un-retouched photos and real life confessions.  

I am sure only the brave will read on . . .

I confess that although I did not burn the garlic bread the other night at dinner, I did burn the cookies that I baked on Tuesday.  The burned cookie effect was made that much worse by the fact that I baked the cookies on the unwashed garlic bread pan.  Burned, garlic, sugar cookies.  Yumm.  I secretly think that God is trying to tell me to limit my sweets. ( He's sneaky like that sometimes.)

I confess that for the better part of the day, I have been letting the dishes in my sink pile up in the hopes that hubby will get home and wash them for me.  (I know.  I know.  Slack.  What can I say?  It's true.  I hate dishes.  Not as much as laundry . . . but that's another post.)

I confess that this hole has been in my soffit for at least 3 weeks.  Hubs and I were trying to determine if there were pipes or wires running in the soffit.  After finding out there were no pipes or wires, the next step should have been to remove the cabinets and then knock the soffit down.   We have not proceeded to the next step, however, instead, there is a gigantic hole to nowhere in my kitchen. 


I confess that I am beginning to think that this remodel will never be done.

I confess that hubs and I told the kids we found a petrified rat in the soffit hole in order to keep their curiosity at bay. (And also to mess with them, just a bit.  We're good parents like that.)

I confess that I picked at the zit on my face until it became the present day crater that it is.  I have a hard time leaving zits alone.  If it's there, I will pick and pop until it begs for mercy.  With pimples, it's war, and I am ruthless.  Be afraid!  Be very afraid.

I confess that after not seeing the sun for 3 days in a row, I have allowed my children to turn the living room into a bounce house of sorts where all of the cushions are off of the couch.  The kids are taking turns jumping into the teetering mound and roaring with laughter.

I confess that after witnessing their fun, I belly flopped into the pillows myself.  It was a blast, and then we all were hysterical with laughter.

I confess that in said laugh fit, I peed my pant a little.

I confess that when I realized I leaked pee, I laughed even harder, thereby releasing more pee.

I confess that I do not have a picture of my wet pants.  ( Really, you didn't want to see that, did you?  Right.  You're welcome.)

I confess . . . I feel loads better!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Oh Annie, I love your outlook. Every time I read your posts I love it. Thank you for sharing.
    I have a confession and it's just that I am crabby today, I exercised but only sorta and I don't want to do anything but eat but since I can't do that, I'm crabbier. I want some chips, but of course I can't, I'm changing my life style and chips aren't even in the house. I want a chocolate chip cookie, nope...none of them either. I'll blame my period. There...didn't help. Oh well, tomorrows another day. Really it's not even noon, life could get cherrier if I'd just make the cookies and ate a couple. Just might have to do that.
    Have a great day. I'll keep trying. :o)

  2. I can just visualize a squirrel peeking out of that black hole in the kitchen. Be Warned. Don't leave any fudge out.

    I used to love the days when we had blizzards and no TV and you guys made tents in living room. Great memories except for when Jaime pretended she was Wonder Women and flew off the couch and had to get ten stitches.

    I confess I can keep secrets until your dad spills the beans.
    Love Mom

  3. What is up with adult acne???! I can't stand it..and I can't leave mine alone either!

  4. You are too funny.... though I could have done without the visual on the zit... LOL! ;) the post it comments are soooooo funny! keep us laughing! I must attempt to adapt some of your funny confessions in my new blog one day... ;)

  5. God, I haven't peed my pants in laughter in WAY too long. Good for you!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  6. LOL! That was a riot. Confession is so good for the soul. I may have to borrow your idea and start a confession post. You seem like such a fun Mom!

    Stopped by from SITS to say Happy Thursday.

  7. I can't leave my zits alone either, and honestly, I was hoping I wouldn't have any more by this point in my life. Always good to know there are other grownups with zits out there!! willing to photograph them and share them with the world, no less!

  8. Oh to be a kid in that living room - that Would! rock!

  9. Those are hilarious! I would do confessions on my blog, but I'm not sure I'm that brave! Lol. Thanks for sharing. You remind us that even though we blog, we're still keepin' it real. :D

    Stopping by from SITS,


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