Friday, October 9, 2009

To Shoot the Impossible Shot

Have you ever tried to do something impossible?

Say . . . climb a mountain or run a marathon?

Or, what about trying to get a picture of three squirmy children, when they are all looking in the same direction, smiling pleasantly, and not picking their noses?


Well don't try!  I am here to tell you that taking an acceptable picture of my crew is an
 impossible task!  You will be much more successful if you attempted to climb that mountain or to run that marathon than if you attempted to photograph my kiddies.  They are moving targets!

Just look at the lovely pics that my crew treated me to one afternoon this week . . .

El!  What a ham!  It's amazing that this is in focus.  She rushed me with a huge "cheese"!

This was an attempt at a 3 man pyramid.  Except that El was literally choking Ab, and . . .

E has no balance, whatsoever!  He landed with a thud, distracted El, and Ab was finally free to breathe and smile.

Another attempt at the pyramid produced this gem.  I remember thinking that 2 out of 3 kids wasn't too bad!  And finally, after much perseverance and a bit of colorful language (under my breath of course) . . .

I shot this pic.  While not technically fabulous, they are all looking in the same direction, they all have pleasant expressions, and there is no nose picking.  A miracle to say the least.

Professional photographers earn every penny and then some!


  1. Grammy says:

    They look great to me. I often thought that photo shop might have been made by a mom who just figured she would cut and paste to make the perfect pics.

  2. Annie, Debbie and I tried the same thing years ago. Andrew was about 7, Ryan was 4 and Drew was 1. Thought it would be a great present for Mommom and Poppop. It was the first and LAST time we ever did that! I love reading your posts!! Keep them coming!

    Love ya! Deb


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