Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

(or otherwise titled . . . How I am Keeping My Sanity While Raising Three Kiddies)

1.  I let my kids pick out their own clothes each and every morning.  If they don't match, I don't care.   Seriously.   It is one less thing that I have to worry about.  Consequently, we have had snow boots and shorts and black and navy blue together in one outfit.

2.  When my kids come down with their outfit choice, sometimes I have to walk in the other room to stifle my giggles.  Ethan wore a Steelers jersey, Ohio State warm ups and orange socks.  At least I can say he was vibrant.

3.  I watch the Biggest Loser, and I eat junk food while I am watching.  (I know.  I know.  I am probably going to hell for that one.)

4.  I am addicted to reruns of Grey's Anatomy.  I didn't watch it the first time around, but now I set my DVR to record it, and I watch it at 630 am before the kiddies get up.  Also, I am willing to get up at 6:30 am to watch my fix of Grey's but not to work out.  I can watch Grey's in my PJs.  I have to get dressed to work out.  Which leads me to . . .

5.  I wear my PJ's to school morning drop off.  It's cold. My PJs are warm.  And, I don't get out of the car.  But, if I did, . . .

6. You would see that I am in my slippers, and I have no bra on.  Obviously, I am not a morning person.

7.  I give money to homeless people when they ask.  I probably have "sucker" on my forehead, but if asked, I usually give something.  In my heart, I hope it helps to feed a hungry belly.  In my brain I know it probably goes for beer.

8.  My van is a disaster area and should be condemned.  Even though I make a trip weekly (well, almost weekly) to the local car wash to vacuum it, it still is a mess.  Right now, off the top of my head, I know that there is a McD's garbage bag, random fries, school papers, coffee stained coffee cups,  old receipts, 3 sweatshirts, smelly soccer gear, and other assorted flotsam and jetsam in my van.  There is also window markers and stickers on the interior back windows and melted vanilla ice cream in the rug under Ellerie's seat.  Gross.  I know.  But, for some reason, the mess in my car doesn't bother me (and frankly, never has).

9.  I let my kids sleep in bed with hubby and me.  We both groan at the extra kicks and thrashes in the middle of the night by one or another of our stowaways, but we both really don't care.  We like the extra snuggles, and we know that they will only be little for such a short time.  

10.  If the laundry is not done, I will go without underwear if necessary, rather than wear a dirty pair.  I just pray that on those days, I don't get into that car accident my mother always warned me about.  I suppose I should invest in some more panties, but that thought did not occur to me until I just typed this sentence.  So, there are days when, a la Friends vernacular, I go commando.  I am not proud of this.  Just real.

11.  I have been known to spray furniture polish in the air by the front door and collect all stray items and toss them into a garbage bag when unexpected guests call to say they will be over in 10 minutes.  Consequently, when cleaning out the closet last weekend, I found 3 such garbage bags of junk stashed waaaaaaay in the back of  the closet.

12.  I don't mind if my kids get good and dirty.  To me, that is the mark of a day well spent.  I just throw them all in a bubbly bath at the end of the day and voila!  Sweet smelling kiddies.

13.  I love fountain pop (or soda if you live in other areas of the country).  My hubby is currently boycotting pop (and pizza, but that is another story), so to get my fix I go through a drive thru about once a week to order a large drink.  It hits the spot every time!

Aaaaaah!  I feel so much better.  I may do this once a week!  Confession Wednesday?!  Hmmmm.  I will have to think about it!

*****Another lovely lady blogger had the same idea as I did for Confession Wednesday.  I am joining her fun blog carnival at A Peek At Karen's World.  She is a hoot!


  1. I like your attitude! My daughter comes up with the most interesting outfit choices, but I just go with the flow. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I think we are blogger SISTERS!!! Everything you talked about in this post, I do as well!! Except, I go commando quite frequently (TMI, I know) b/c I hate panty lines on my hiney... seems to happen more these days with the addition of the extra cushion from being pg so many times, lol. I am following your blog now and I look forward to your posts. They make me feel "normal," if there is such a thing. We SAH moms must stick together.


  3. I agree with Liberty about the panties.... don't tell anyone.

    what does spraying furniture polish in the air do?

    And, I LOVE the biggest loser. i watch it with my kids. they eat the whole time! i usually insist on fruits and veggies only, but sometimes it's chocolate.

  4. You guys make me laugh. I love the biggest loser too and think, as I'm stuffing something in my mouth, I should be on this show. This is my first stop in the morning, your blog is so down to earth and normal. Thank you for sharing. Have a stupendous day!! God Bless!!

  5. I LOVE this list, I do many of the same things!! Except I have to wear a bra or nursing tank at all times because I can't stand my boobs flopping around all saggy-ly...yes at the ripe age of 27, ugh! :) Oh and YES it is POP! :)

  6. I'm so glad you linked up! You had some great confessions. I am not a mom, but I still found myself nodding in agreement with several of these!

  7. LOL...your confessions were great. I can relate to many of them.

    Except the husband would kill me if the van didn't stay cleaned out - but that's another story.

    Oh yeah, the no no, I like my underwear. I will stay up and finish drying them or run to the store and buy more, but I can never be separated from my underwear. I realize that may me TMI - but I too am keeping it real :)


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