Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been raining for several days, and, quite frankly, I am not good with rain. 

Not good at all.  

So, while I attempted to make dinner, I had a blond headed little one climbing on the oven drawer handle to see what I was cooking, a dark haired mischievous boy attempting to balance the soccer ball on his knee while in the kitchen, and my oldest blondie with her head in the fridge stoking out a pre-snack dinner. Now, this, this in itself is a challenge, but when you factor in our kitchen remodel and the RAIN . . . I just about went over the edge.

If I could have locked myself in the bathroom to have a Calgon moment, I would have.  Quickly! But alas, there is no lock on the bathroom door.  (We can't take the chance of El locking herself in there.  Truthfully, we are not really too worried about her, but more worried that she would turn on the faucet and flood the bathroom and cause the kitchen ceiling to collapse.  Just saying. . .) So, no escape to Calgonville.

Instead, when hubby got home, I escaped to the grocery store.  

I know.


So, so sad when the grocery store is a welcome escape.

But, our new grocery store has a Starbucks (score!), a gourmet section , and a fresh bread bakery (yum!),  so, I walked around, sipped my latte, and actually read labels and compared prices without having to rescue Ellerie from the top shelf in the cereal aisle.

It was quite lovely.

That was, it was lovely until my cell phone rang.  Not thinking, I answered it.  And through the phone I could hear the noisy chaos of home, and immediately, I felt myself tense up.

"What's up?  What do you need?"  I asked quickly.

Ab answered, "Oh nothing mom.  We miss you.  Here's El."


I giggled at her vernacular.  "Hi El! How are you?"

"Hi mom!  It's me E.  Are you done yet?"

"Not quite.  I'll be home soon."

And while my peace and quiet of my escape was disturbed,  just hearing those silly voices made me smile.  

I do love them.


It's just a little noisy when it rains.

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