Saturday, October 24, 2009

Falling for Fall

It is raining today, and you know how much I love the rain.

(Hey! Was that a snicker I heard?!? No laughing! )

So, despite the yucky rain, I am attempting to look at the positive. The rain is giving me some time to catch up my blogs and blog reading. Geez! I am becoming quite addicted to some of you.

Just saying.

Anyhow, this past week, we had some beautiful weather here in the Midwest. Absolutely beautiful! I just had to be outside with the kiddies to enjoy the 60 degree temps and the blue, blue skies. Days like these don't come all that often in my neck of the woods. Usually from late November through March the skies are gray, gray and you guessed it, more gray. So with this week's vibrant blue skies and the fall leaves turning orangy and yellow, I felt like I was awash in a rainbow.

What a lovely gift!

To make the most of these days, the kiddies and I went to the local arboretum.

We took a hike on a nature trail.

We played in the leaves.

We chased each other through the labyrinth. (Gotta love this girl when she gets the giggles!)

We just ate up all of those fall colors! Yum!!

Overall, we played in the sunshine and had a fabulous time!

I love fall days like these.

Now, I am off to a cold, rainy, wet leaves stuck to my shoes, Saturday morning at the soccer field. If you are there, I'll be the one that resembles the shivering, wet drowned rat!

Just saying.


  1. gorgeous pictures!! looks like fun!

    happy sharefest saturday!

  2. Love the picture of your kids walking on the trail. The trees are so pretty this time of year!


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