Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm So Vain

It is hard to be vain and poor.  The two do not go well together.

Case in point,  I needed a haircut.  My  hairdresser is fabulous and I love her dearly, but, her prices have steadily increased over the years.  I truly believe she is worth every penny, but, we are also counting every penny these days.  So, I decided to stretch my dollar a bit by going to a Great Clips for my much needed do.  I figured that if I could go to a chain hair salon every other hair cut, than I wouldn't feel so guilty each time that I went to my regular hairdresser for some pampering.

My heart was in the right place.  My wallet was in the right place.  My vanity, however, is now in the wrong place.  It is currently in the toilet.

I have been scalped.

And realize, this comes from a short-hair loving, loves to feel the wind on the back of my neck kind of  girl.  Normally, my do is a bit short and choppy.  When I spend the time to style it, it resembles a fresh from bed, messy and tousled look.  Perfect for when I actually just jump out of bed and go without doing my hair! 

In essence, perfect for my busy mommy lifestyle.

But now, now my hair is as short as Halle Berry's hair when she had her super short cut.  And, the problems with that cut on my head are obvious.  A) I am not Halle Berry, and therefore, can not pull off  her hair and B)  I resemble a shaved schnauzer.  The combination is not pretty.  Not pretty, my friends.

And, if I did not believe my own vanity-loving eyes, there were always the words of my brutally 
honest daughter to set me straight.

When Ab hopped in the car after school, her eyes instantly widened while the words flew from her mouth without censor.  "Maaa-ommmmm!" she said, dragging out my name for emphasis.  "What did you do to your hair?  It is sooooo ugly!"

Thanks Ab.

That's just what your bruised-vanity, scalped mother needed to hear.


  1. Reminds me of the drama when you were in college and streaked your locks. There is nothing worse than a bad haircut. You are beautiful Annie you can pull it off. Now you know why I rather just pull mine back rather than risk the trauma.

  2. LOL! I seriously laughed out loud at this post, and even read it out loud to my husband (he thought it was funny too!). Not that we're laughing at your pain. I loathe bad hair cuts ... which is why I never go to Great Clips!!

    Having said that, I bet it's worse than you say. You are very pretty, and I'm sure a short do doesn't make you ugly. ;)


    P.S. Get some of that shampoo for horses. Makes your hair grow really fast. Trust me, I know this.

  3. Sorry to hear about your hair cut experience. I recently decided to have my hair cut much shorter than normal. I freaked out when I got home. I quickly dyed my hair, thinking this would somehow make it "better". Amazingly enough, it did help. It got rid of the grey, added a lot of shine and gave me some body. Now I love my hair cut! I think it just took a little bit to get used to it!

  4. HHMMMM That is to wierd... I recently had a "great clips" experience too... I cried in the chair before she even finished. They gave me MANY coupons for free hair cuts... LIKE I WOULD GO BACK! Then I had to crawl to my regular hair dresser and beg for mercy...beg for his help. SO I ended up not saving money, I had to pay for my hair cut twice.

  5. that's horrible. I could never trust someone else with my hair... not even for a blow dry! I started saving money by dyeing my hair at home. the dye cost just under $3 on sale at target and even the people at my hair salon tell me it's a great color. I definitely do not need to be paying $40-$50 for color! Sorry about the cut, hopefully it'll grow back soon! post a pic....if you dare. :)


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