Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video Killed This Blogging "Star"

I have discovered that I am much more comfortable behind my keyboard than in front of a camera. 

Mama Kat's bonus challenge this week was to do a vlog (How in the heck do you pronounce that?) about how you titled your blog.

So, after 7,432 attempts . . . with naked children running by in the background, Dora music as a soundtrack and my Lady Gaga ring tone erupting loudly,  I give you my finished product.

It's a vlog people.

Don't get too excited . . . but click the button and embrace the crazy with me.

(Here's hoping the video and the sound sync up.  They do on my computer video, but I have done this several times, and when I load it to blogger, they are off.  It is like I am in my own, poorly dubbed, kung fu movie.  Ay yi yi!)

And about the contacts?

The fact that I had on two different colored contacts in one of my vlog attempts is not the worst thing.  The worst thing is that I have done this before.  Multiple times.  You would think that I would check my reflection in the mirror,  but alas, I do not.  Usually it is my kids that alert me to the fact that I am sporting different colored eyes. . . either them, or the grocery store clerk that can't stop staring . . .

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  1. Your Blog name is perfect! :-) Good for you for embracing the crazy! It does make life more interesting!

  2. I haven't been able to do a vlog ever because it never syncs up! And I call it a va-log instead of a v-log. Love your VLOG and great story...sometimes you do have to just embrace the insanity!

  3. Love the title of your blog! Just making the vlog was a bit of insanity, eh? You are adorable - even if your audio doesn't sync up. Glad you have such a good sense of humor. You did great!

  4. LOVED you vlog! I was so cool to see you and hear your voice.

  5. Love the vlog, I was too chicken. You did great.

  6. YAY for being brave! Love embracing the crazy and inspiration behind your blog name!

    Visiting from Mama Kats =)

  7. I'd say your have a perfect title for you blog here. That video was funny! Sorry you had such a hard time loading it. I used this prompt too:

  8. You did great. The Kung Fuishness wasn't even that distractin. :)
    I love your name - without the crazy we are all just boring!

  9. You're so pretty! You did a great job with the vlog. I've only done one and it took me ALL DAY.

    You're blog name is so clever...wish I'd put more thought into mine.

  10. Well done. I will never vlog. First of all, I'd have to get dressed, brush my hair, etc. Please don't tell anyone that I drive my kid to school in my pajamas. Sometimes, I throw on one of my hubbies button down shirts over my nightgown and get groceries. I certainly hope the Facetime thing on the iphone NEVER catches on...


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