Monday, May 2, 2011

Success! And a Naked Man . . .

Me overlooking the swollen Ohio River at mile 7.
I did it.

13.1 miles in the Flying Pig Marathon? 


So, did pigs actually fly?


But . . . .

There was a monsoon to run through.

And . . .

A man was arrested and tased at mile 6 for running naked.


I am not kidding.

And, no.

There are no pics or video I can find.

My two cents?

1) Life is never boring.


2)  Don't you think that running naked in the rain would, well, hurt?  Just wondering.

Off to eat (and eat and eat!!!)


  1. Congratulations Annie, great job! And as for running naked in the rain I guess it would take a special type of person - NUTS!

  2. Way to go!!!!! Woooo hoo!

    And yeah... naked running? Not my cup of tea ;)

  3. You're an inspiration!

    No, really. I saw your post on FB last night and I immediately got up and did my Tae Bo.

  4. First off all just running naked would seem like a lot of stop flopping around (or maybe that is just me), but naked running in a monsoon just seems foolish.

    I am still in awe that you ran a half marathon!

  5. That is an amazing accomplishment. Good for you! I think the only way i could run that far was if death was imminent.
    btw, left a little something for you on my blog:

  6. Really guys? I think running naked sounds freeing. Something I would probably only fantasize about, but I can dream right? beautifully here all I ever see are naked surfers (changing beside their cars). Good times though. One awesome reason for living at the beach in middle age. Pretty much a daily occurrence for me. Gosh beach life is grand!

  7. Amazing job! Reading running related posts keeps me inspired to stick with running, and reach my goals! And yes, I think running naked in the rain would be rather painful, not to mention awkward!


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