Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When A.S.S. is Not A Good Name . . .

When hubs and I faced the task of naming our children, we had a ridiculously difficult time.  Since we are both teachers, ordinary names were laced with connotations.

"What about Scott?"  I would suggest.

"Nope.  Remember Scott C?"   hubs would remind me.  "He set a fire in the school bathroom?"

Instantly, "Scott" was delegated to the toilet.

"What about Heather?" hubs would suggest.

"Wasn't Heather the girl who arrived to the school dance with a white short skirt and no panties?"  I asked.

Hubs chuckled and replied, "Yep.  No Heather."

Every single name we picked out had a story attached to it which made choosing just the right name maddening.

When I was pregnant with Ethan,  we thought that we had found THE perfect name.  We had no negative associations with either the first or middle name and we thought that we were in the clear.  We chose Anthony Steven to be our baby boy's name and for about a week we would both talk to my belly using silly voices and the name Anthony Steven.

Then one day it dawned on me.

Our last name begins with an 'S'.

Our baby boy would be Anthony Steven 'S'.



Clearly, we could not saddle a child with ASS initials, and we went back to the drawing board.

And now we are facing another naming dilemma.


I am not pregnant.

But this little guy will be joining our insanity in a few weeks . . .

and we are at a loss for names.

Any ideas?


  1. Oh My Gawd! Cute! (no that's not my name suggestion)

    I'd have the kids think of names from some of their favorite books or movies. That always worked for us in the past.

    Currently we have Hooper the dog and Quint the cat (from the movie Jaws)our backup pet name is Brody for a future dog. (Jaws inspired as well.)

  2. Aw he's cute and kinda looks like a Donny to me but I don't think it matters what you name him b/c I would bet money that when he pees and poos in the house, he will be called 'little f*cker'.

    (Kidding, sorta)

  3. Hello Annie, Thanks for coming by on my SITS day and leaving the lovely comment you did. You know what I have a great girl who can copy any style to suit me, probably a personal dressmaker would help. Sorry not sure of anyone doing free alterations.

    He is just the cutest. He looks like a "Puck". from Midsummer's Night Dream.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx

  4. I would call him Crazy. Ummm because that is what you must be for adding the cutest little puppy ever to your house!!!
    My youngest's birthday is in three weeks and she insists over and over she wants a dog - I refuse even after you post cute pictures like that!
    Good luck!
    And actually your son between the ages of 10-15 probably would have loved to have the initials A.S.S.

  5. What a cute puppy! I think a little puppy like that deserves a big name like Ashphodel or Chudleigh or Barnaby.

    Good job with the initials. A.S.S. would have been the child's nickname forever!

  6. Janet says "Daisy!" I say shocker cuz Paul told me the dog was not cheap, so I think it is a "shocker" that he gave in to buying that dog. Hope it brings you lost of love!

  7. Oh, he is too cute!!! He looks like a Max or a Fred to me.

    PS I work with an ASS. And someone who's initials are A.S.S., too.

  8. Well then, good thing you thought things through, or he would have been a real A.S.S.

    My mom's favorite name for a boy was one letter off from our last name, so she knew she had to name me something else.

    The first name that came to mind when I saw the pup was "Melvin". LOL....don't know why.

  9. Visiting from SITS. Sounds like you dodged a bullet there! Your new puppy is absolutely precious! I am obsessed with dogs, and when I am finally able to get a little guy, I am naming him Pete. You can copy if you like it :)

  10. I'm always crazy with the idea f naming a future daughter "Ashley". I love this name but hubby isn't impressed. A long time before he married me he always knew he would name his children after his maternal grandparents. The granddad's name was "Jesus" while the granny's name was "Pilar". Both names aren't acceptable for me. Not because I don't believe in Jesus but because i don't think there's a need for another Messiah. Also the granny's name sounds so old fashion for me. We don't get children yet but I expect there'd be lot of fights over this in the future.

    Your girlie is pretty. What about "Lily"?

  11. I saw that you became my 189th follower so I came to check out your blog...and I became your 189th follower. It must be a sign. Or not. What do I know?

    Anyway, good call on not naming your son A.S.S. That would have made for a tough childhood.

    Cute puppy. I'm notoriously bad at naming pets (I have a goldfish named Bob and a cat named Cat), so I'll refrain from making any suggestions on names.

    Love your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  12. At least you realized the ASS initials before you chose that name!!

    That puppy is so cute!

  13. I came to visit your blog after you stopped by mine, and we had this exact problem. When I was pregnant we decided if it was a girl we would make her middle name Susan because that was my ex's mother's name and she had passed away. Then I fell in love with the name Alaina. It's a good thing it's a girl, because her initials would have been ASS as well! My son's initials are SSS though! lol


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