Friday, May 13, 2011

The Man I Love . . . Makes Me Crazy . . .

Hubs and me.   We put up with each other's crazy. Thank God.
Things that my husband does that makes me 10 shades of crazy . . .

1.  Sniffs his clothes to determine their wear-ability.
2.  Analyzes people to determine which eye, the left or the right, is smaller
3.  Eats chicken wings with only one hand, his left, in order to save his right hand for important things like shaking people's hands. (Although, to date, no one has arrived at our table at the chicken wing joint wanting to shake hub's hand.  It is, after all, a chicken wing joint.)
4.  Spends hours watching a you tube video about how to solve a rubik's cube.
5.  Loves me despite the facts that I  . .  .
  •  rearrange furniture weekly.
  • have a van that is "mommed" and should be condemned.
  • have accidentally dyed his clothes various (and lovely, I might add) shades of pink.
  • have a missing sock basket that contains over 100 socks.  This is not an exaggeration.
  • have to have the covers "just so" when I sleep.  If he jams them up . . . watch out!
  • screw up something or embarrass myself or the family on a regular basis.

Seriously, the man is a saint.

I give him props.  He loves me and the crazy.

And, if he does a few things that make me nuts,  I'm OK with that.

It's the crazy that makes me smile, too.

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  1. #1 My husband does that too. Perhaps a man thing?
    #4 I've found that written instructions worked best for me. It's do-able! (That tip not likely to change hubby's habits. )
    I completely understand the "crazy" thing. I swear it is the secret to success in marriage. If you both "get" each other's crazy you can stay married and live happier lives.
    Thanks for sharing. (I'm visiting from Mama Kats)

  2. #4 makes me laugh! My husband has spent countless hours this year doing research on a new computer and a new car - buying either of those would take me about 2 hours, tops. You're so right, as long as we're both ok with the other one's crazy, I think we'll be fine.

  3. I loved this when I read it yesterday and couldn't comment and I love it again when I read it today and can. *sigh* It has been a long 36 hours.
    My husband always loves to comment on the state of my minivan. Whatever!

  4. I love this! I love reading about good husbands. You have a good man in your life, and that's awesome.

  5. Your husband just sounds adorably quirky. That's all. Besides, what's wrong with smelling clothes to determine if they are clean enough to wear again?! :)

  6. I do the pink clothes thing too. I think all of my husbands socks are now pink

  7. Great list and now I am going to have to go read about the eye thing. Seriously?

  8. What is it with those missing socks? That makes me INSANE!


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