Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OH MICKEY YOU'RE SO FINE . . . Except When You Are a Mouse in My Kitchen . . .

Hubs launched into his diatribe before I could even get my coffee this morning.

"Annie, I swear.  It was like he was mocking me."

Unable to answer him without caffeine, I casually looked at him and raised my right eyebrow in a question mark.

He acknowledged my question with further explanation.  "I was just sitting in the chair last night, and he came out from under the cabinet, stopped, and looked at me.  Really.looked.at.me!  As if he was saying, 'You've got nothing, big man.  You've. got. nothing!'  And then he ran right into the fireplace." Hubs pointed to the fireplace and the gas logs that were now strewn haphazardly around the hearth for emphasis.

I swallowed my coffee, letting the caffeine do its work, and I asked the question hubs did not want to hear.  "So you are saying that this mouse has gotten the best of you?" I paused and then goaded a little, "C'mon Paul . . .really?!"

His answer was swift and immediate.  "Oh no.  Not my best. Mickey can't look at me like that.  No way!  IT IS ON!!!"  He was using his coach pre-game pump up voice.  And before he could utter the words, I knew what hubs would say next.

"This. means. WAR!"

So, tonight the war between Mickey and hubs is on.  Traps will be set, and if I know Mickey, I am pretty sure that those same traps will also be thwarted.

I mean, if Mickey could outsmart Nathan Lane . . .

 Hubs just doesn't stand a chance.

Stay tuned for Mousehunt II . . . The Midwest War!


  1. Just set the kids loose on it. One of them is bound to catch it and subsequently beg to keep it as a pet.

  2. Get a cat. Mouse problem solved.

  3. Don't forget my fool proof trap. Once inch of maple syrup left in an open skinny neck bottle. They go in but never come out.

  4. We had some type of super mouse in our basement. We set 6 traps with peanut butter and by the next morning, peanut butter gone and no mouse. REALLY! We bought better traps. Same thing. We did this for a week and finally gave up. Better to starve him to death than to feed him into gluttony!


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