Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gleefully Coming Out of the Closet on Vacation

Vacation was fabulous.

Thank you for asking.

While in sunny Florida playing by the pool and relaxing at the beach, there was only one thing that bothered me.

My hair.

It was in that in-between stage.  The stage where is doesn't fall quite right.  Usually this stage comes before long hair, but truthfully in 10 years, I have never made it past this stage.  I try to endure the hair in my eyes, and  I try to embrace the messy look, but after 27 days of wearing a bandanna to tame my locks, I usually give in and cut.

It is a vicious, vicious cycle, and I reached the end of the cycle while I visited Florida. 
The only solution to my problem was to do the deed, so I found a hair salon, walked in, and had them cut it.

No problem.

It isn't the best cut that I have ever had (remember when I was scalped????), but I figured that it would grow out and my girl (whom I love, love, love!!  Thank you Patty!!!) could fix it.  I was feeling quite good, and back to my sassy Annie-self.

That is, I was feeling quite good until Ab spied my new do.

Her comment?

"Mom, you look like the boy that likes other boys on that singing show you watch."


Ab thinks I look like the character, Kurt, from Glee.

google images

Apparently, I now resemble a singing, openly gay teenager.


Stop laughing.

google images

It could be worse.

I could look like Puck.

(Incidentally, I am quite sure that hubs thinks that I pulled a bait and switch on him since I had long hair when we married.  When I cut it the day after our honeymoon, I think that hubs even shed a tear.  I, however, did a dance of joy!)


  1. Ha!

    When we met I had long platinum blonde hair, exercised every day, went to the tanning bed, and had a libido that wouldn't quit. I don't want to talk about what I'm like now.

    Neither does he. ;}

  2. I had short short hair when I met my hubby, but for the past 8 years have worn it in various med lengths. I am not sure if hubby liked the short sassy me or the pull it in a ponytail and go me.

    It is so hard to push past that awkward stage!

  3. "Apparently, I now resemble a singing, openly gay teenager." I'm really trying not to laugh.

    But what is it about guys and long hair? I tease my husband all the time that they just like the idea of it spread across the pillow. lol


  4. I feel your pain. I tried a new stylist for my hair and I am so sorry I did.

  5. I bet there is something so liberating about having short hair! But it's true - men usually prefer the long tresses. If I didn't look absolutely hideous (ah, the poor decisions made in college), I'd chop it off too.

  6. LOL. Life is too short to suffer from hair anxiety. Just explain to Hubs that you may be a stone's throw from insanity now, but if you had to endure long hair,,,well...enough said. I'm sure that you are an adorable openly gay teenage boy, anyway.


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