Monday, April 18, 2011

He Has An Appetite . . .Just Not For Winning

The flag football coach leaned over the huddle of excited 6 year olds and yelled, "Are you ready?"

A chorus of cheers erupted.  "YES! YES! YES!"

"Are you excited?  Do you want to win?"


Grinning, the coach finished his pregame pump up.  "Are you HUNNNNNN- GRY?  Then get out there and play hard!"

The mass of squirmy, dirty boys whooped it up and ran out onto the field.

After the game, Ethan shared, "Mom!  It was so much fun!"

I smiled and responded, "That's great buddy.  It was fun to watch."

"But Mom?"  he hesitated.   "When the coach asked before the game if I was hungry. . .  I really wasn't.  I was just thinking about playing the game."  He paused and added,  "I am hungry now though."


They are so literal.


  1. Cute! My son would have dropped everything and forgotten about the football game for a snack!

  2. Ha! My son would have done the same thing as LB's.

  3. Ha! That would have been totally my son too.

  4. hee hee. very cute. good thing he wasn't really hungry!


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