Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starbucks! Stat!!

Why do I need coffee?

Oh . . . let me count the ways . . .

How about . . .
1. It has been raining for days (and days and days) and to reach my washer and dryer in the basement I need to use a rowboat.  If I knew Noah, I would borrow his ark, so that I could save all of my off season shoes, in pairs, two by two.

2. Last night we had another line of severe storms go through our area that came complete with hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.

3. The crazy storm caused all 3 of the kiddies to wake up in a frenzy.

4.The crazy storm also caused me to be in a frenzy, and I moved all three kiddies downstairs to the couches in order to prepare for a possible tornado.

5. After finally falling asleep at 2:15 am, hubs' alarm woke me up at 545 am. (Seriously, if it is still dark one should not be waking for the day.  And furthermore, if it is dark and raining, one should immediately be able to call in sick.  Because truthfully, I am sick.  Sick. of. the. rain.)

6.  A basement swimming pool and continued rain outside mean that there is no place to send the kiddies to get their energy out.  We have built tents.  We have played board games.  We have danced to the Wii Dance Party.  We are sick of each other.

7.  Today I have to chaperon the monthly Girl Scout meeting.  8 girls, cupcakes, and duct tape fashion. (Aside: Lord, help me not to use the duct tape to cover their mouths.  Amen.)

8.  I have to tutor 4 students from 530 to 930 this evening.  I will be immersed in parabolic functions, trigonometric functions, and x's and y's. 

9.  I have not been to the grocery store in 10 days.  We have subsisted on pop tarts, water and pasta for 2 days.

10.  Tomorrow forecasters say that we should see the sun. (Yay!) Of course, tomorrow is Thursday, and Thursday evening is hubs' golf night.  (Boo!) I am considering hiring a babysitter to take the kiddies to the park so that I may enjoy Mr. Sunshine, by myself, on my back deck.

So, pass the caffeine Starbucks.

This momma needs it.


  1. You'll want to go for the intravenous drip.

    Why is it ALWAYS vacation week when the weather is horrendous. You week...sunny and 75!

  2. Love this post. Great points :D

  3. It's been raining here, too but we didn't get the storms last night. I hope your basement dries out soon and that you get a vat o' Starbucks ASAP.


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