Monday, September 27, 2010

Elmo and Katy . . . Hot OR Cold????

You may know Katy Perry.

She sings the song California Gurls and Hot N Cold.

Catchy tunes. Very catchy.  In fact, Ellerie, my 2 year old,  loves to sing the Hot N Cold song.  She first heard it on the Chipmunk's The Squeakqual movie.

Well, Sesame Street picked up on the fact that Hot N Cold is a catchy song and that the kiddies seem to love it, so they paired up Katy Perry and Elmo for a video.  Fun, right?

Apparently, no.

In the video released on You Tube, Katy and Elmo sing as she wears a yellow bustier.  Check it out.

The video begins with Katy explaining that Elmo invited her over to play dress up and that she wore her dress up clothes.  After getting over one million hits on You Tube, some very vocal parents and critics criticized Sesame Street for Katy's outfit in the video.  Most critiques said that the yellow bustier was too sexually suggestive for young children.


I personally thought that it looked like a ridiculous dress up outfit.  Completely normal for the 3 to 5 year old set in my mind especially when I considered the following womanly icons that my little girls have loved.

Isn't Tink wearing a green bustier?  Or is that just me?

And what about Jasmine? Maybe Aladdin was all gaga for her teal bustier.  Just sayin'.

Holy Pocahontas!  Isn't Poca's outfit similar to Katy's?  I didn't see John Smith protesting.

Or what about Ariel?  Those sea shells look as if one wave could knock them right off.  Am I right?


Deep thoughts, huh?

My point is that I don't think that Sesame Street should have pulled the video so quickly because a group of parents objected to Katy's outfit, because when you look at other kiddie figures,  Katy's outfit doesn't seem so risque.

Although, if Sesame Street was looking for publicity . . .  the you tube video now has over 3,500,000 hits and Katy Perry spoofed the show on Saturday Night Live. So, if publicity was Sesame Street's goal, their PR man was genius.

Either that or Elmo may just be getting the cold shoulder.


****pics were from various websites but all ultimately were (and are) Disney icons*****


  1. Really, they pulled it? This video is awesome. I see nothing wrong with her clothes... then again I am from the disney generation.

  2. I'm with you ... I don't think it looks bad at all. It looks likes a figure skater costume. And you're so right ... Tinkerbell is way worse than Ms. Katy!

  3. I couldn't agree more. They say at the begining they are playing dress up. I also agree that a lot of the Disney charecters are dressed in a suggestive manner. It is all a lot of noise at this point. I love Katy Perry!

  4. I completely agree! My daughter, at Sesame Street age, would have thought she was dressing up as a sparkle glitter fairy!


  5. I agree! I think this could be a genius pr move.

  6. I'm not necessarily a fan of Katy Perry, but I also agree with you - they made way to big a deal of the whole thing and truly you picked awesome examples of other icons. In fact, I'm pretty sure all Disney women characters have exceptionally well defined breasts thanks to their clothes! lol :)


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