Saturday, September 4, 2010

Caught in a Landslide . . . No Escape From Reality (Or How I Became a Bohemian Mom)

There are days when being a mom is . . .


and, of course,


It makes you want to ask yourself,  "Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?"  just like Queen asks in its Bohemian Rhapsody. Well, the following ladies did more than just ask themselves those rhetorical questions.  They made a ballad out of them, and it rocks!
Watch, laugh, and commiserate!

Don't you wish you were this creative?  Or that you had that much musical talent?  Or that you had an inkling of time to play like this?

Me too!

That is why for the last day I have been walking around my house with the windows open rocking it out to the rhapsody of being a mom.

My children think that I am crazy.

My neighbors suspect that I have been hitting the sauce.

But, I know that I am just one happy (albeit tired) lady that likes to sing out loud!

You may now wave your lighter in approval .

**** Special thanks to a cousin who sent me this fabulous video from you tube. Although we live far from each other, I know that she was singing this ballad too, and that makes me smile.*****


  1. I saw that recently & alternately laughed & cried! Love it.

    BTW - there's an award waiting for you on our blog!

  2. I need to come back and rewatch the video when I can hear it (too much background noise right now!!!). And I feel very much like you do about motherhood ... it is a rhapsody that makes you both crazy and happy.

  3. This is freaking awesome! Everyone that reads this will be singing this!

  4. I can't watch that right now as my kids are SCREAMING. Anyway, I'm back and I couldn't find your e-mail for some reason. (It's Tracie, btw.)

    Thanks for checking on me and being so encouraging! I guess I need to admit my addiction.

  5. Annie, that was awesome! I'm a huge fan of Queen, and this is definitely my favorite Bohemian Rhapsody parody since the Muppets! Yeah, those ladies truly rock!


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