Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling for Fall

10 Reasons Why I Love Fall

1.  I am married to a football coach.  It's kind of required to love fall.

2.  Cheerleaders! (Mine specifically, just in case you were thinking of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.)

3.  Waterboys!  (Not Adam Sandler . . . but just as funny. )

4.  Sweatshirts   that can cover a multitude of wobbly and jiggly parts.

5.  Fall food . . . including but not limited to  . . .  pumpkin bread,  pot roast in the crock pot simmering all day, football snacks  (Walking taco?  Hello, yum!),  buffalo chicken dip, homemade potato soup, and well, the list could go on and on.

6.  Apple picking at the orchard.  (Wasn't El so cute last year? Yikes!  She is growing so quickly!)

7.  Dressing up for Halloween.  (Last year hubs was the Pope and I was a genie. One year when I was pregnant, I went as a basketball hoop and my belly was the ball.  That year hubs was a hemorrhoid, which was completely appropriate, because, let's face it, he CAN be a pain in the ass.)

8.  Sleeping with the windows open in a chilly room snuggled underneath my down comforter. . .  Bliss!

9.  Evenings by the fire with my family that include s'mores and family convos.

10.  Leaves changing colors.  Blue skies are the perfect backdrop to the yellows and reds and oranges the trees display at this time of year.

I fall for fall every year.

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  1. Walking tacos!!! It's football lingo only a mother can love :)

  2. Love the list! And jealous that you're married to a football coach! I LOVE football. That would be so cool to be so involved in the season! :)

  3. The fall is definitely my time of year... love everything about it -- except, football (I know. I know. The whole world loves football -- except, me) But, the rest is cool... do love Hockey, though, if that keeps me in good graces... looks as though you're going to have a very busy season... enjoy and come visit when you can...

  4. Couldn't agree more, especially about the sweatshirts!!! Hahaha

  5. I have GOT to see a pic of your husband dressed like a hemorrhoid. Hilarious!

  6. Fall is my favorite time of the year! I don't do football but I love just about everything else about it. (Except that I'm allergic to the metric ton of leaves in my backyard. Achoo!)

  7. Married to a football coach? Um, yeah, loving fall is required. I love fall too. I almost did this Mama Kat prompt! I did a different one if you'd like to check it out:

  8. Me too. I love Fall. All of it. Every single part!

  9. Fall is my fav too!!!
    I love the brisk smell in the air which I seem to enjoy the most in the morning.

  10. I fall for fall too! Love it..and I love the pictures you added. So sweet.

  11. Love that, I fall for fall.

    Your pictures are so very beautiful.


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