Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please, Please Me or An Open Letter to My Single Girlfriends

Dear Single Friends,

Please,  please,  please continue to tell me your wild and adventurous tales of your night life,
 . .  .BUT,  do not laugh when I ask,  "You made out with a random guy on the dance floor?  Really?!"  as I am living vicariously through you, if only a tiny bit.

Please,  please, please still invite me out every once in awhile for a girls' evening,
 . . . BUT,  do not take offense that after one margarita I am no longer so much as buzzed, as I am falling asleep in my chips and salsa.

Please, please, please remind me to take some time for myself,
 . . . BUT,  remember that when I am taking some time for myself at say, a pedicure, that laughing at the forest that is growing on my legs is not appreciated, and may make me cry.

Please,  please, please  remember that I am still Annie, not just "mommy" or "wifey" or "crazed lunatic,"
 . . . BUT,  also don't forget that "mommy" and "wifey" and even "crazed lunatic" (at times) are hats that I do wear, and are very much a part of me.  Not ALL of me, mind you, but, still part of what makes me, me.

But most of all . . .

Please, please, please remember that I treasure you and our friendship.  Though we may have differences, I appreciate you, and you bring a joy to my life.

Very simply, thanks.



PS  If you ever want to give me hand-me-downs from your single girl wardrobe,   I'm in.  Just walking around the kitchen in your Manolos would make my day! :)

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  1. Buzzed. On margarita and I'm wasted, naked table dancing on the bar. Yeah, my alcohol tolerance has gone WAY down. WAY!

  2. I'm caught in the "in between" stage. I can go out since my kids are older, but they are still young enough that I'm the carpooling mom that's too exhausted on the weekends to go out.

    And about the margaritas... I DID almost fall asleep in my salsa a few weeks ago after a nice big (and strong) margarita.

  3. Thank goodness all my friends are old and married like me. I can't handle the envy.

  4. what a great post!!! spoken so so well. i often wonder what my childless friends do. such a free life of nothing but whatever YOU want to do.

    loving your blog! ;)

  5. Awesome post... I am confident all of my friends with kiddos would write this very same letter :)

  6. I know you're not going to believe this, but there is a kind of heaven in retirement... although the requests have an edge and age to them... love the post, thanks for sharing... come visit when you can...

  7. LOL I so feel your angst! Most of my friends have kids and we find it very hard to get enough baby sitters on the same night to get to all go out together. Just thankful they are all getting big enough that we can leave them alone long enough to enjoy dinner out.

  8. Well said!!! It is a different kind of life we lead from "them" isn't it? (But how come my life when I was single didn't seem quite as glamorous as it does to me now??????)

  9. Love it!Ain't that the way. Exhaustion and wasted are easily interchangable. Single friends...I love them!!

  10. Great post, I rolled this prompt through my mind repeatedly but just couldn't grasp it! You did it great! Falling asleeping after one drink? Totally me. Stopping in from Mama Kat's!

  11. OMG! I am falling into my chips and salsa after one drink, too! (however, I do try to shave before I get a pedi---most of the time. LOL!)

  12. I don't have any single girlfriends like that anymore, but could I live vicariously through yours?!?

  13. Although most of my friends are married, they're all still childless & in the big city. I totally could have written this post about them...but I just try to remember that my husband & I will get to retire earlier & still be young enough to play when our kids grow up & move out!


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