Thursday, September 16, 2010

Since You've Been Gone . . .

Dear Hub's Mom,

It has been 8 years since you have been gone, but I still feel you, here, with me, almost daily.

I hear your infectious and hearty laugh, when I try  ( usually unsuccessfully)  to coax Ellerie into pants and out of her daily dose of nudity.  I know that her impish personality and spunk would have delighted you.

I feel your whisper in my ear as I discipline my mischievous Ethan.  "Don't break his spirit," you say, and I try my hardest to balance my words with his actions.  I know that Ethan would remind you of hubs himself when he was a boy, and I know that that would bring you joy. 

I feel your gentle touch on my shoulder as I parent my newly emerging young lady, Abigail.   I know her unfettered and unselfish attitude is a little bit of you, and your loving personality, and it makes me smile to know that she is growing into a lady like you.

But, I have to admit, I want to kick myself for not appreciating you enough when you were still here.

There are so many times that I wish that I could just pick up the phone and call you for one of hub's favorite recipes,  for some parenting advice, or even just to talk and tell you about what a great father and man that your son has turned out to be.

You would be so proud.

Mom,  I just wanted you to know that even though you are gone,  you really are not.  You are very much a part of my life every day.  I see you in my hubs, in Ab, in Ethan, and in Ellerie in so many different ways, and it always brings me comfort to know that you are there. 

So, thanks Mom . . . even if it is a little late.

I miss you.

Love, your daughter-in-law,


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  1. What a beautiful tribute!!!

    (Stopping by from Mama's Losin It)

  2. That was so touching. You were lucky to have such a MIL.

  3. That is so sweet! Blessings on your day, amiga! :)

  4. My MIL was such a treasure as well.

  5. They really are not gone, just a moment's reflection away... as you get older, it becomes quite a mental party... {{{HUGS}}}

  6. Stopping by from Mama Kat's. That was so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes because it reminds me of how much I miss my mom. Especially, when I'm looking at my Abigail!

  7. Aww.. That's so beautiful. I actually teared up. You have such a beautiful family.. Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

  8. It must have been such a blessing to have a mother in law like that. She was a very lucky lady to have a daughter in law who appreciated her.

  9. I thanked God many, many times for Pauline. She was the perfect MIL for you. She never judged anyone and represented true Christian spirit. Paul is wonderful because she was wonderful.

  10. What a lovely post! So glad I stopped by!!

  11. This was precious. Something to treasure forever. Makes me think of my grandma, I just lost her. I love her so much.

  12. So lovely, Annie. I wish I could say the same sorts of things about my in-laws. You have obviously been very blessed. Beautiful post!


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