Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Year of No Pizza and More Updates

Updates . . .

Hubby finally finished the Rubik's Cube using the online tutorial.  It was a triumphant moment when he made that final turn on the cube and each side was uniformly one color.  We did a mini family celebration with improvised drum rolls and and whoops and shouts.  Ethan, however, did not get the significance of the moment when he asked innocently, "Can I mix it back up now?"  I think Paul was planning on shelving it like a trophy up until that point.


I survived vacation with my mom's dog.  If you don't remember the saga with her pooch, click here  or even  here for a refresher course on the world of Cappy, the dog.  In truth, this vacation Mom was very good about her dog on the whole.  He only had one vet appointment in our vacation city, and Mom refrained from carrying him around in the front doggy carrier, so, overall, not too bad, I say.  I even made a gesture of goodwill and brought Cappy a present.  I had found a doggy tuxedo at a garage sale for a dollar, and I knew that my mom would have fun with that.  Cappy, however, apparently doesn't like to wear clothes, as he snapped at my mom when she tried to adorn him in his fourth of July doggie sweater.  Even Cappy realizes that he is, in fact, a dog, and dogs don't wear clothes. 



After his defeat during his pizza eating contest, hubby has decided that he will not eat another slice of pizza until July 4, 2010.  This fact however, does not mean that the rest of us will forgo pizza for the year.  For me, that would be impossible!  We have dubbed this the year of no pizza for obvious reasons.


I was actually caught up on laundry when I arrived home from vacation.  This has never happened to me before and I was quite proud of myself.  But now, I have been home for 6 days and I have not done one, single load of laundry.  The mountain has resurfaced in my basement laundry room, and I am dreading scaling it.  I have actually been toying with the idea of hiring a college kid to come to my house once a week to tackle this chore.  Either that or I will have hubby remodel the house to accommodate a second floor laundry room near the bedrooms.  I am convinced that the proximity of the vacation house laundry room aided in my laundry skills.  I think that the college kid solution may be a bit cheaper.


I am enjoying being fabulously tan.  This is especially cool since I acquired my glowing hue with the use of liberal sunscreen.  It reminds me that I will really have to investigate to find a good self tanner for the winter months.  One that doesn't make me look orangy brown like  a Willy Wonka Ooompa  Loompa.  I just can't stand my olivy winter white skin.  Blame it on my Florida upbringing.  One of my favorite comedy authors likens skin to bacon.  She says winter skin is like under-cooked bacon.  White and grisly and unappealing.  Crisp up that skin however, and you get a lovely brown color that is just beautiful and appealing.  I couldn't agree more.  


Finally, I am dreading going back to my healthy gym-rat habits.  Before I left for vacation I was down about 5 pounds and was feeling great, but after a vacation that included fried oreos, cheese steak hoagies, ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream, I have a feeling I will be back to the drawing board.  Oh well.  The fried oreos alone were worth it.

I'll keep you posted!

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