Thursday, July 23, 2009

Letting Things Slide . . .

A few days of summer rains and cloudy weather and I am running on empty (even after the stroke of genius that was the cloudy day lemonade stand today).  This week is particularly hard because it is hubby's mini-camp week for his football team.  He has been gone every night this week during the witching hours of dinner, baths and bedtimes,  and frankly, I am dog tired.

That is why . . .

Ellerie is currently running around in her "pwitty soos" (translation- pretty shoes) . . . and nothing else.

Ethan emerged from his solo bath time with a chocolate ring around his mouth.  When I asked him if he had washed his face, he replied, "Yeah, mom!"  all the while smiling with that crooked, chocolate moustache.  I think not!

I didn't flinch when Ab removed all of the cushions from my sofa and built a massive fort in my living room.  Though the site of all of the bits and pieces of crud in my couch was actually offensive, I was waaaaaay more excited to find my tube of missing mascara.  My eyes have been naked for days!

There are dishes in the sink, crumbs on the floor, and a laundry volcano that is ready to explode, yet, I am choosing not to touch or engage any of it.

So,  all in all,  it is an insane evening around here once again.

I am so blessed!

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