Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poop Happens

On the beach yesterday, I had that all too familiar feeling.  I needed to find a bathroom . . . and fast!  So, being the polite and discreet mom that I am, I calmly let my family and hubby know that they were on kid patrol for a bit, without me.

"Hey ya'll!  I need to go use the facilities quickly, OK?"  I quietly announced.

Knowing nods accompanied a few waves of hands, and I was free to go.

Except for E.  Being the literal kid that he is, he didn't get my turn of phrase.

When I was only about 10 feet away, E said loudly, "Hey mom?  Where are you going?"

Trying to be discreet, I answered in a lower decibel, "I am going back to the house to go to the bathroom, buddy."

Remembering what I had shared with him earlier in the week, E proudly said, "Well mom, just go pee in the ocean!"

I blushed, smiled, and visibly shook my head to indicate that that was not going to work for me in my current situation.  I turned and walked another 15 feet toward the house when E shouted the following . . .


I didn't even turn around to the chorus of laughter that erupted.

Poop happens.

It should become my motto.


  1. Greetings to all on vacation. Just read your e-mail Laurie and so happy that everyone is having a good time. Annie, I love reading about your life. It makes me smile as I read each and every post. Have fun and wish I was there to witness the activities of the families!!!!! How is Cappy doing??
    Cousin Donna

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing. There is something new to look forward to on Wednesday's, its, "What would your children say?" Wednesday. Join us in the fun.

  3. Cute Blog!

    New Follower. ; )



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