Monday, July 20, 2009

Not So Goooooood Morning!

This morning I woke up to unseasonably cool temperatures, a snuggly husband and a stray kiddie, and the knowledge that I would be painting in the kitchen.  All things that undoubtedly make me smile.

Then I remembered that I have a dentist's appointment for a new crown at 10:30 am.  

My smile evaporated, and in its stead there resides a grim, full of dread, expression.

Even though I know that I will be fine,  that the shot doesn't hurt that much (considering I have done three labor and deliveries), and it will be over soon, I still do not like going to the dentist.   It makes me wonder.

Just when did I get so old that I need a crown?  I thought old, grandma ladies needed crowns.  Not youngish, on-the-go mamas.

Just why do I dislike the dentist so badly?  My dentist is truly the nicest gentleman!  I enjoy our conversations up until he sticks his hand or his dental instruments in my mouth.  

Why can't someone invent a non-invasive dentistry?  It could be a million dollar industry if patients only had to swallow a pill or sit in a chair for some laser dental surgery.

Oh well.  Off to the chair.

Wish me well.

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