Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hanging the Shelf

Today I
tried to hang a shelf.

First, I marked the holes.

Then, I checked the marks with a level.

Next,  I used the power drill to drill into the wall.

Then, I cursed our plaster walls as a tiny hole slowly crumbled into a small crater.

Moving on, I sunk a wall anchor.

Then, I carefully twisted in the first screw.

Next, I rechecked my level.

Then, I cursed again for while I was level, I needed to redo my 2nd and 3rd marks.

Plodding on, I drilled holes 2 and 3 and sunk a wall anchor for each.

Finally, I twisted in the 2nd and 3rd screws.

I was ready to hang the shelf . . .

Until I realized that I had not measured the distance from the screw to the corner of the wall or compared it to the distance between the screw holder and the corner of the wall.

Then, I cursed a really, really bad curse ( a doozy!).  

The distance from the screw to the corner :  12 inches

The distance from the screw holder on the shelf to the corner : 16 inches

The distance from here to insanity . . . 0 inches!!

Agenda tomorrow:  Have Paul cut the shelf so I do not have to remove the screws.

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  1. Now you know why high blood pressure runs in your family. Been there done that too many times to count. I just did it last year in my classroom. When the custodian saw my drill out & the hole in the wall he said, I didn't see this. Oh well, the bulletin board covered most of the holes. Thank God for spackle.


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