Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going Down the Toilet

I love holidays.

I really get into the spirit.  I decorate.  I bake.  I partake.  What's not to love about celebrating?

Especially today, St. Patty's Day.  There are no presents to purchase, make or wrap.  There are not necessarily many difficult decorations.  Just leprechauns, green shamrocks, and beer.  Fun!

So this morning I played leprechaun for the kiddies.  I turned cereal milk green.  Toilet water became a lovely jade.   Windows were marked up, and  shamrocks were posted in fun places around the house.  It was admittedly a blast!

But the best part was not the preparation.  The best part was definitely seeing the magic of the moment through the kiddies' eyes. 


Knowing what I would find, I put on my poker face and followed E into the bathroom.

"What's up buddy?"

"He's been here!  The leprechaun!  Look!"  he pointed at the toilet water that I had colored not five minutes beforehand.  Obviously, he had not seen me walk right past him with the green food coloring to do the deed.  Lovable, that E, but not so quick on the uptake.

Feigning surprise, I put my hand to my mouth and said, "Wow!  He sure is a tricky leprechaun."

"I know Mom.  Wait here."

E ran off and left me standing guard for a green colored toilet.  I couldn't imagine what he was up to.  When he arrived back at my post a few moments later, I could guess.

"What's that E?" 

"A camera."

Knowingly, I questioned, "Are you going to try to stake out the leprechaun and take a picture of him?  I don't think leprechauns like to have their pictures taken."

Exasperated he said, "I know ma.  This is for the evidence!  I am taking pictures of the clues."

There was nothing that I could do as he carefully set up his shot and took a picture of my toilet.  I had gotten myself into this mess.

That's why E is proudly taking a picture of my toilet to show and tell today.

I just hope he doesn't get in trouble for "potty" talk.

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