Monday, March 16, 2009

E's New Friend

After preschool today, Ethan was quite animated.

"Mom!  There was this new boy in class."

"Really?  Tell me about him."

"Well . . . " he paused thinking.  "He brought chocolate."

Smiling, I responded, "That was nice.  You know how mommy loves chocolate.  Do you have any extra? "  It was 3 o'clock.  I could go for an afternoon chocolate fix.

"Maaaa-  aaaaamm!"  he sighed.  "No!  I don't!  Anyway, he likes gold."

"What kind of gold?  Like the color?"

"No.  Gold.  Like jewelry gold."  This was interesting.  I was picturing a little 4 year old adorned with bling, flashing gang signs.  And then E threw in the last nugget of info.

"Aaaannnddd,"  he drew out the word, "His name is  . . ." and he stopped.

"His name is what?"

"Um.  I forget, " E stated.  Typical.  I waited and finally he had it.  "Patrick!  His name was Patrick!"

That's when it dawned on me.

" E?  Did you actually meet Patrick? "  I quizzed.

"Well, no.  But Mrs. Pritzer sure talked about him a lot.  I bet I'll meet him tomorrow," he said with finality.

I am sure he will too. Tomorrow is March 17th, St. Patrick's Day.  So E's new classmate is a leprechaun.  

At least his school is multi-cultural.

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