Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Artist

I am in search of a bumper sticker.

You know, the one that reads, "My fabulously gifted child attends . . ."

That one.

You see, today I discovered that I have been blessed with one such child.  Apparently, Ellerie
 is, shall we say, an artiste.  She has discovered the pure bliss that is creating. She has reveled in her creation by posting it for the world to see.  Obviously, she has talent.

Today, Ellerie was inspired to create her first poopie painting.  Knowing that watercolors or oil paints were just too mainstream, my gifted little one chose to paint in an all too familiar medium.  She just reached her chubby little fingers in her diaper, found a warm and squishy surprise, and thought, "Eureka!  This is it!  I will use this for my creation."

What a precocious girl!

I can't tell you the words that sprung to my lips as I realized that she had, in fact, painted with feces.  At first, I thought it was chocolate, but my eyes deceived me.  Thankfully, my nose was alerted to the wonder that was her artwork.  Tearfully, I reveled in this new found calling for Ellerie.  

And her canvas you ask?  Well, that darling child chose a lovely canvas for her feces to decorate.  A wall, a sheet, or even paper clearly did not meet her high standards.  Instead, she chose to adorn herself with excrement.  What an exhibitionist! It was a special moment for the two of us when I realized just what a blessing she is to our family.

And if someday you see in lights,

 "Performance Art Tonight Starring Ellerie," . . . 

you know that you read it here first. 

Bring your room deodorizer.


  1. Haha! My mom says I did that when I was little too, although, I am pretty sure she remembers the crib, sheets and walls covered too!


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