Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Funner Bummer in the Target Parking Lot

Summer Funner!

That's what the grammatically incorrect sign in Target  proclaimed in 3 foot high letters.

"Mom?  Isn't that wrong?"

Smiling at my 9 year old's grammar prowess, I answered, "Yep. But sometimes advertisers break grammar rules on purpose to try to make a point."

Ab thought about it for a moment and then said, "Oh.  And the giant corn on the cob hanging from the ceiling ?"

"That,"  I answered, "is just goofy."

Later, as we were leaving, Ethan spied another ridiculously large summer icon.  It was a giant beach ball in the parking lot.  This was no doubt also part of the Summer Funner promotion except it was not an actual beach ball.  Instead, it was one of Target's giant red, concrete balls that line their parking lot . . . painted to look like a beach ball.

Pic from . . .  (Imagine a beach ball instead of this red ball.)

"Hey Mom!  Watch this! " Ethan called with excitement.

And before I could yell, "Nooooooo!"  Ethan wound up his left leg and gave that imitation beach ball a swift soccer kick.

I'll admit . . .it was hard not to laugh when the boy went down yelping and grabbing his toe.

Very hard.

Summer funner.


Always is around here.

  **********For other Target adventures and embarrassments,  visit my Dear Target post.************


  1. As a former English teacher the Chick Fil A ads used to infuriate me because of the awful misspellings and grammar, now I am able to let it go. :)

    My son also loves those big red balls. He loves to run and attempt to jump on them. Good Times.

    My youngest told me that after she has a baby she is going straight to Target. hmmmm maybe I do spend a lot of time there.

  2. Oh my gosh too funny. I am the worst person to be around if you fall or hurt yourself cuss my first reaction is to laugh.. My poor kids.. This is why my son and I love AFV .. all that falling and getting hurt caught on tape :)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. I am cracking up right now because we were just in Target(buying my son slacks and a tie and dress shoes for a fancy occasion...oh the humanity!)

    ...So he says to me, "What's with the giant corn on the cobb?"

    To which I reply, "What giant corn?"

    There's a pause. "Seriously, Mom. You don't see it?"

    Now let me admit, I hate shopping. So I'm walking through the store quickly, with purpose. I am NOT a detail person.

    So I admit, "No, Jack. I don't see what you're talking about."

    Then he points up.


    Yep. That's one giant corn, alright.


    And now? I'm hungry.


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