Thursday, June 2, 2011

Puppy Love

Today's Mama Kat's challenge was to write a six word memoir.

6 words?

Only 6?

This severely limits my gift for gab, but here goes . . .

The summer of puppy love insanity.

Or what about . . .

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Waking with puppy . . . GREAT birth control.

Seriously y'all. Having a new puppy is like having a baby all over again.  Early a.m. wake ups, pee, poop, whining, stinkin' gates everywhere. . . what were we thinking?????

We had it good.

We had it good!

But if you pushed me, I would have to admit that there is just something about sweet puppy kisses and that wagging tale that suckers me in.

Every. damn. time.


  1. A puppy is a challenge and we got our last one 4 years ago and she is a sweetheart...Now! We got our other dog at the Humane Society and fell, just as in love, with another 4 year old, who happened to be house broken to boot!

  2. Aww, so cute! We got lucky and our shelter dog came already crate and house trained - hopefully it won't be too long before the puppy is snoozing through the night!

  3. This is exactly why I can't do a puppy right now. We did before and it was almost worse than a human baby. And I already have a human baby who drives me nuts! :)

  4. Yes, no puppies for me. You are brave.

  5. Really? Really? A puppy?! Were you bored? ;)

  6. It's too much work for me but he sure is a cutie!

  7. Oh I feel you!!! It will be a year next month when my little Lily had her 4 puppies. I can remember just like it was yesterday laying next to Lilys crate while the puppies were just hours old....My husband just got use to the fact that I laid on the floor next to Lily and the puppies for the first couple of weeks. I made sure that the puppies didn't get hurt, I made sure that the puppies had enough milk.......and it just got more insane when the pups got older and managed to crawl out of the whelping bed. So yes there were gates everywhere, sleepless nights because I attended to every yelp and whine.....changing the puppy pads ALL the time. was pure craziness but I loved every minute of being next to those puppies!!

  8. I completely hear you with this one. Our two dogs were a little over 2 when my husband came home from Afghanistan last year. We had it made. They were calm, potty trained, etc.... & what do we go and do?!? Get another puppy!!! A male this time to make things worse. NEVER AGAIN. lol. never again.

  9. You had it good.

    But with a puppy? You'll have it even better.

    (soon. hopefully.)

    And until then, let those sloppy kisses carry you through.

  10. Kittens can do that too, at least mine did. She is a bit older, but when she was younger, I was up every couple of hours when she would mew.


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