Sunday, June 19, 2011

When You Live With Data From The Goonies . . . Life is Never Boring


"What Ellerie?"

"Ethan won't wake up."

"He won't?"  I smiled.  That boy loved to sleep, just like me. "What have you tried?"

"Well, I went in his room and yelled, 'Chicken noodle doo!'  RIGHT IN HIS FACE . . . but he wouldn't wake up."

Chicken noodle doo?


I thought about this for a second, and then translated, "Ellerie. . . do you mean 'Cock a Doodle Doo'?"

And without missing a beat Ellerie responded, "THAT'S WHAT I SAID!"  It dripped with her 3 year old exasperation.  Then for emphasis she repeated, "Chicken. . .noodle. . . doo!"

Incidentally, does anyone else out there feel like they are living with Data from The Goonies. . .

Or is it just me???


  1. LOL! Priceless. And adorable!

  2. That is too cute. Sounds like me as a child (and sometimes as an adult).

    There is some pop song from the 90's out there that has the line, "...from AM to PM..." and for the longest time I always thought it said, "From A and to B and..." and couldn't understand why a pop singer was singing about linear equations and letters.

  3. I usually ask my five year old to go wake up her three year old brother from his nap. I have to add: "do it with love" so she does not yell at him, throw water at him, or some other not-so-fun-way to wake up. The other day she said: "mami, he won't wake up with love. Can I try yelling at him now?" I made me smile.
    Kids say the funniest things...

  4. I have to say, I prefer "Chicken noodle doo"...but now I'm craving some chicken noodle doo...Very cute! I like little kids!

  5. We actually have a boy on our street that my husband calls "Data." I love the things he says - they crack me up . . . She is too cute!

  6. Bwahaha!!! Sounds like your kids keep you entertained.

  7. Seriously? You need to send this to Campbell's Soup.

    Too adorable.




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