Thursday, June 23, 2011

The One Where I am a Shit

I confess.

I have been somewhat a pain in the ass to live with this week.

What with worrying about my dad and his health and raging PMS hormones to boot, I have been a walking, talking pimple faced she devil.

Not pretty folks.

Not pretty.

I even (unknowingly) picked a fight with hubs not once, not twice, but probably every freakin' day this week.  Not huge fights, mind you, but fights like, "You loaded the dishwasher wrong!" 

Never mind the fact that hubs was actually doing the dishes.

That fact, the big one, I could not see.

Instead, I picked at him about his time spent at camp with the basketball boys and his time spent at his 2nd  job and his time away at golf.  

And now that my hormones have calmed down and I am not so preoccupied with worries, I am riddled with guilt because I realize that I have been a shit.

I have been a shit. . .

and  . . . the man still loves me
and brings me my coffeein the morning just the way I like it,
and takes me for chocolate peanut butter ice cream just because,
and plays with the kids in the pool so that I can read a book,
and he loves me.

I am such a lucky girl.



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  1. First... so sorry to hear about your dad's health. I've been insane lately and haven't had the time I want to read all of my favorite blogs and keep up with your worlds. How is he doing? I will say a little prayer for him.

    And as for the fights... we've all done this. So you haven't been a shit... you've been human. And had your moment. And the fact you are big enough to admit you've had a moment makes you the least shit-like person there could be.
    And the hubs still loving you? He is a good man. And you are indeed a lucky woman. But so is he. He has you- and even at your weakest moment, you're a pretty fantabulous woman :)

  2. We have all been there. PMS on top of a bad week is just torture for everyone.

    And don't be so hard on yourself. It is wonderful that hubs stepped up and tried to help you through "the difficult time", but I am sure you do the same for him.

    Yipee! For Good Marriages!

    Here is hoping this week is better.

  3. What is it when you're too old for PMS and hormones? I must say I've learned to look the other way in the last number of years, thank goodness.

    You are so lucky that the man really loves you!

  4. Yeah, husbands are pretty great.

  5. Yep, mine does a lot of nice things for me so I just keep my mouth shut about the small things (but sometimes they feel like BIG things .. but I guess only to me) LOL

  6. My husband is the same way. I probably need to give it up a little more often, come to think of it.

  7. Oh I understand, oh how I do. Especially this week with work being down, son upset, upset hubby and .....well just the stress and to add PMS, oy it hasn't been pretty.
    Kiss and make up, he loves you!!! What's not to love, the other 28 days a month?
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  8. Sorry about the ill-health; and the PMS.

    But just the fact that you recognize you are lucky?

    Puts you ahead of a lot of wives.

    Good for you. Good for him. Good for your kids.

    And hooray for chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

    For reals.

  9. We were definitely on the same page this week! I think it's b/c my husband is someone that I can e a shit with... and I know he'll still love me.


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