Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Want . . .

I want to wear dark sunglasses, hop on a plane, and arrive at some exotic destination.

I want to sip fruity cocktails while I lounge sea side in a cabana and read a trashy novel just for fun.

I want to drift off to sleep in the sun, napping the afternoon away, waking up only in time to get ready for a yummy dinner.

Instead, I don layers of sunscreen and arrive at the community pool with dozens of other women and children.  I navigate through a sea of swim diapered bottoms and melted popsicles to find a pool chair that has one slat missing and that allows my ass to sink through it.  I pass the afternoon away doling out snacks, reapplying sunscreen, and fending off the yawns with caffeinated Diet Coke.

I want to wake up at 10 am and have my morning coffee at a leisurely pace while perched on my shady back deck.

I want to eat chocolate croissants, get my fingers dirty, and lick them off one by one.

I want to spend the morning in my pajamas while I write and write and write. . . with no interruptions.

Instead, I wake at the crack of dawn to watch the puppy poop.  I start at least 4 cups of coffee and then leave them all over the house to get cold as I get kids ready for the last days of school.  I manuever around the Direct TV men that have their plumber's butts assalting my eyes in full force.  I wolf down a cherry pop tart- cold- and then load up the car to start the day's errands.

I want to get dressed up in a pretty frock, put on make-up and fancy, girly shoes.

I want to walk down the stairs in my gorgeous get up and have hubs be speechless.

I want to go out to dinner and dancing and drinks. 

And I want to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Instead,  I slap down a pizza on the counter for the family.  We hurriedly chomp it down, and then we load up the car.  Once there, we pop the trunk, get out the snacks and sleeping bags, and hubs and I snuggle with three loves to watch the drive-in movie.

And, we laugh and laugh and laugh.

All is good.

All is good.

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  1. Love it. I love that no matter how much we want to escape and feel like ourselves again, snuggling with the kiddos fills you with more warmth and satisfaction than anything else could.

  2. It would be nice to have days like that! Real life is not as glamorous and relaxing!

  3. So that just made me get all teary. As I am reading I am thinking Yes that is what I want, to get away from everything and then you hit me with the whammy at the end and I think Yes that is what I want to be at the drive in with my family. Nicely done, friend!

    P.S. My hubby never had drive-ins where he grew up. We have two located near us and have been a few times. My hubby though can not get it through his head that they are called drive-ins and not drive-thrus. Every single time he calls it a drive-thru and every single time a person in our family corrects him (even the almost five year old)! He hates it! I find it amusing!

    PPS: I am sure this is showing up as noreply, not sure why, but it doesn't let me sign in with my goggle/blogger account here. Sorry :(

  4. Love it!
    Lol, I don't think I even own fancy girly shoes anymore!

  5. Even though I don't have children I feel the same way. I'm a full-time student who is also a homemaker (taking care of everything at home). I barely have time to think most of the time. It's wake up late and run out of the house, go to school half-awake, come home do homework, and laundry and dishes and projects.

    Can't wait to have kids, but that is all that I'm doing, no school when they are here.

  6. Great perspective! I enjoyed this post. :)

  7. I am with you... maybe we will go to the drive in soon... Think my4yo is up to it?

  8. Ah the drive much fun. Maybe that's what I should do instead of work this weekend!!!

  9. I stopped by from PYHO...forgot to put that in my previous comment ;)

  10. Yes. The laughing and the laughing and the laughing.

    Makes it all worthwhile, right?

    And sometimes, when you find the (cold) coffee cup in the microwave as you're heating up leftovers for dinner, you think, "I didn't REALLY need that much caffeine this morning.."

    ...before you pass out on the couch.

    Or is that just me?

  11. The image of you all snuggled together watching the drive-in movie-perfection! Stopping by from PYHO- great post!


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