Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's No Fabio. Just Sayin'.

Hubs came in the house beaming.  I could tell that he had just had his haircut, and he was carrying a brown paper bag under his arm.

He smiled and said, "Well?"

Knowing exactly what he meant, I answered, "Looks good.  Short.  Like you like it.  Which place did you go to?"

He grinned, pleased with my assessment, "Oh.  Up the street.  You know, the sports one," he explained as he shrugged out of his winter coat.

I giggled, knowingly.  "What?  What are you implying with that giggle?"  he asked.

"Oh nothing,"  I breezed.  "Except, isn't that the place where the hairdressers give you a massage while you are in the chair? "  I interrogated.

He blushed.  "Yeah . . ." he replied, his voice trailing off.

"Yeah . . . what  . . .?"  I pushed.

"Well, I did go to that hair place, and I did get my hair cut, but I also got something else. . ." Clearly, hubs was being evasive, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why.

I waited.

He eyed me.

I stared intently.

He dropped my gaze.

I won.

He began, "Well,  the shampoo that they use just feels so good.  So, I bought some, you know, for here."

Not understanding why that was such a big deal, I answered slowly, "OK.  So you bought some shampoo.  So what?"

And, as he pulled the small green bottle from the brown paper bag, he whisper rushed through his explanation. 


"I'm sorry, " I said.  "What?"

He looked me right in the eye, slowed down his speech and owned it saying, "It. was. eleven. dollars."

Then he held my gaze and waited for my reaction.

Finally, I could contain myself no more.  I dropped my steely gaze and burst out laughing.

Hubs was confused.  "What?"  he asked.  "What's so funny?"

And when I caught my breath I explained, "You just spent eleven dollars on shampoo for your hair.  Your hair that may be approximately 1/4 inch long  . . .on a good day!" 

Then, I continued laughing, and seeing my point, he had to laugh too.

Moral of the story . . .  Men are vain too.

 . . . and, I can not wait to switch his shampoo with the 99cent variety to see if he notices the difference.

The way I see it, the story and the pranks with this situation alone are definitely worth the eleven dollars.


  1. My husband goes to one of those places, and they also talked him into buying a few different things. This is a man who sometimes will just wash his hair with soap if it's too difficult to get the extra shampoo out of our bathroom closet after it runs out. Oh, what they won't do when a girl pays attention to them!

  2. My son SWEARS that the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo has the best tingly feeling.

    Did the Hubs mention if it was a cute girl that sold it too him? B/c that always seems to factor in. :)

  3. At least he bought his own. My husband has the exact same hairstyle and uses my salon shampoo. It makes me crazy! Then he has the nerve to bitch when I buy more. If he would stop using it (and allowing my 5 year old to play with it thus pouring it on the floor of the shower), maybe it would last longer!

  4. Too funny! And I thought I was bad spending nine dollars on salon hairspray! :P

  5. Oh the tea tree shampoo. My husband pays extra for the tea tree treatment when he goes in to get his haircut every 5 weeks (at this rate the maintance for his 1/4 inch long hair is much more expensive than mine). He also bought the shampoo once and then left it in the car for weeks!!!! Absolutely the pretty girl factor!
    HA HA

  6. The TO isn't into fancy shampoo but he does spend an inordinate amount of time blow drying and styling the 10 hairs on his head. Frankly, I don't see the point.

  7. HAHA! My hubs is bald. Completely bald. Would someone please explain to me why he still insists on washing his shiny head with shampoo??? Won't that neat little cheap bar of Dial do the trick?? I think it's just wishful thinking, really. :)

  8. I am laughing so hard my side hurts!! Sounds like something my husband would do. He goes to the same "place" to get his hair cut.


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