Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Funny Valentine . . . images
Dear Valentine
I love you dear
That's why I am sayin'

The wind is cold
The snow is deep
The ice rains down
And I can't sleep.

My fingers are numb,
My toes are blue,
But I know exactly
What to do!

Put me in the car
Or on a plane
But just make sure
I'm in the fast lane!

Send me to the sun.
Send me to the beach.
I know you can.
It's within your reach.

So Valentine . . .
Tell me true.
Do you know
What you are going to do?

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I'll give you a hint.
I'll give you a sign.
Send me to Florida.
If you want to be mine.

Otherwise honey,
Your day won't be sweet,
I can be a big bitch.
As in no body heat.

You get the picture.
You know what I need.
So do your duty, my love.
Commit the deed.

With much love and dreams of warmth, your forever Valentine . . . Annie

This was taken on December 4th and we have had snow on the ground since then. Sigh.

Happy Valentine's Day Hubs. . .
Please read between the lines and either get me the hell out of this frozen ice box or
take a hit out on Jack Frost.
I'd be happy with either. 
I'm a simple girl.

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  1. Very funny. Love that. I picked the poem prompt too. Visiting from Mama Kat's :-)

  2. Ha ha! Very witty. I hope you get your wish! ;)

  3. I LOVE this post. It was 1 degree when I woke up this morning - in AR that is NO commong and I am NOT happy (smile). I love this poem and agree 100 percent - if they love us, they'll move us! Visiting from SITs

  4. Funny!! We don't have snow, just a bit of ice, but I feel your pain. Standing in front of the dishwasher while on the drying cycle sends warm moist heat right on the rear; you can imagine your butt took a trip to Miami! Just FYI :)

  5. I hear ya with the hating the cold and wanting to be where it's warm!

    Very funny poem!

  6. I hope he has made the reservations.

  7. I love it! What did your husband say when he read it?

  8. Ha. Just cuddle a little more and things will warm up. Hope you get what you ask for.

  9. Such a cute post!!! So......are you heading to FL?!


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