Monday, February 14, 2011

The Words That Every Man Wants to Hear . . .

Dear Hubs,

For Valentine's Day I thought that I would say the words that you have always wanted to hear.

No.  Not those words.



I have no depth perception.

So, Happy Valentine's Day dear. 

I scraped the car along the side of the garage door.




  1. LMBO! Um, oops? I just got rear ended a couple weeks ago (so not my fault, but really didn't help my case), luckily my hubs is a body guy and the crushedness is now gone!

  2. Uh-oh! I've done that before, too.

  3. ha ha ha hA! I am so sorry...but that was a hilarious post!


  4. My father, a stern man I was afraid of, said the sweetest thing ever when I was 16. As I sobbed in front of my broken car, Daddy clumsily put his arms around me and said, "My darling Henry Boy, that's why they call accidents ACCIDENTS. Nobody does this on purpose!" It changed our relationship. I began to love being called that hideous all-male pet name and learned that stern didn't equal mean. The name? I was the third daughter, and although they had hoped for a boy, God had different plans. Softened with age, Daddy recently told me after a slip and calling me HB (A moment I cherish!) that me being a girl was the best gift ever. When our two sons each totaled their cars - within a month of each other - I soothed them with my father's words. They are healthy and happy and wonderful. They earned nicknames that were however, more fitting to their gender.


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