Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Want To . . .

I want to read blogs about real, grown up people all day long, and I want to comment without abandon.

Instead, I read about cows that type and cows that go on strike, and I realize that it is pretty sad that I am actually jealous of the cows, their typing, and especially of their strike.

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I want to escape to a warm, tropical place where I can drink a fruity drink poolside without hearing the  Dora the Explorer soundtrack.

Instead, I have an indoor picnic due to the mass amounts of snow and ice outside.  I sit at my coffee table and sip watery lemonade poured sloppily from a princess tea set . . . with the Dora the Explorer sountrack playing in the background.

I want to get gussied up for my hubs (and for me), go out to a fancy restaurant, drink adult beverages, and come home with enough energy to play (wink, wink!) for a few hours.

Instead, I don my best jeans and old navy tee, go out to a wing joint for wings and beer,  bring the kiddies along because there is a playroom and the kids eat free, and come home to collapse in bed with my clothes still on.
I want to have a living room that rivals a living room from a Pottery Barn catalogue.  I want an area rug that beckons bare feet,  artwork that inspires creativity, and a giant defining piece that anchors my furniture grouping.

Instead, I have a lived-in room that rivals the aftemath of a tornado.  There are goldfish swimming on my carpet, there is a 3 year old's permanent marker artwork on my wall, and there is a  broken, giant clock anchoring the wall that forever reads 5:51.

I want to play Wii Dance Party with my kids.  I want to listen to their laughs as I attempt my best 'running man' dance move.  I want to ignore the mountain of laundry that threatens to stage an avalache if I do not thin it out.

Instead, I play Wii Dance Party, I relish my kiddie's laughs, and I ignore Mt. Laundry for the time being.

I want to listen to my kiddie's adventures at school. I want to hear about hubs' day at work.  I want to hang on their each and every word and experience the day through their eyes.  I want to ignore the fact that it is 6:15, tummies are gurgling, and there is no dinner in sight.

Instead, I call Dominoes.  I let a homecooked dinner go. We have pizza and play Monoply.  All is right in my world.

My insteads . . .

My life. . .

My balance. . .

I love it, and I wouldn't change a thing.

******I am linking up with Mama Kat's writer's workshop this week.  The prompt was finding balance.*******


  1. Oooh, I loved this. It really spoke to me. Everyday I face this delicate balance between keeping things up and keeping up with my children. There is always guilt and wishes and wants being felt.

    We are better off if we just find our happiness in the moments playing Wii and ordering pizza. Those feelings we will remember, even when the memory fades. Laundry is not a feeling or memory we will want to remember.

  2. i love this. i feel like this most days.....right now? we are watching babar. and having a dance party, while mommy juggles folding the laundry.

    i want to be snuggled up in my bed, listening to the rain.....but dancing with my baby is so much more fun. i never thought i would say that.

  3. So happy to have found your blog. I love it and your logo too!

  4. I'm glad you have figured out your balance. Sometimes it is okay to ignore the laundry or order pizza so you have time to play games with the kids.

  5. Your life sounds a lot like mine. :)

  6. Dominos Pizza is ALWAYS the way to go. As for the Pottery Barn living room, day. When there are no children to live in it. :)

  7. oh my, love love this! And there is something to be said about the family that plays together! :)

  8. take it from someone with alot of experience, you're doing it right.....aunt joanie b.

  9. beautifully written! You painted an utterly clear picture: Family is the best experience in the world, and the most exhausting - at the same time.

    It is such a blessing that you're able to find the joy in the craziness.

  10. Balance is so hard. Sounds like you are doing your best. I really really really want that Pottery Barn living room though!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's

  11. Nail polish remover will remove permanent marker murals from the walls. Ask me how I know... *le sigh*

    Doesn't do diddly for dry erase marker though...


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