Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Basking in the "After" Glow

After patiently explaining the birds and the bees to Abbie . . .

After countless questions . . .

After numerous embarrassed eye rolls . . .

After many blushing cheeks . . .

I left her with the following statement: "Just know, Ab, that if you have any questions about sex, you can ask me or dad.  We have never lied to you, and we will tell it to you straight."

I planted a kiss on her forehead and was silently patting myself on the back for a tough job well done. In  fact, I was almost out the door when she asked, "So, does this mean that you and dad have sex?!"


Instantly, I felt my face flush as I willed myself to turn around and look her squarely in the eye.

"Well, of course we do.  We had 3 babies, right?" I smiled.

A look of relief passed over her face, and she nodded her understanding, "Right mom."

And, as I turned to leave for the second time, it took me just a second to realize that she probably thought that I meant that Hubs and I had ONLY had sex 3 times, because we only have 3 children.

However, it only took me a heartbeat to realize that I am OK with that.

The birds and the bees are enough for one day . . .

 without adding mom and dad to the mix.


  1. Oh my....that's funny. I teach health and get funny questions all the time

  2. That was quick thinking ... were you ready for that question?

    At first, I was thinking that I would probably use those exact words ... you seemed to just throw them out there as so matter-of-fact ... then I realized that our honesty to our kids is maybe going to bite us in the rear. They were conceived in a dish, and we've always thought it was something that made them unique ... so we've been telling them that story when they ask.

    So maybe I'll just tell them we used to have sex but now that we have kids ... there is no reason to ... :))

    Congrats on getting through with your dignity intact ...

  3. Yes, I agree. Letting her think that you had sex only three times is perfect.


  4. LOL! Good for you! Hopefully that will satisfy her. I'm dreading that conversation and my son is only 3...

  5. Good answer, Momma. Glad you both survived that conversation.

  6. Annie, I distinctly remember this same coversation with my mother over 50 years ago! I asked the same question only I asked "Are you and daddy doing this!!!! Your Cousin Dixie's answer......"NO!" That was good enough for me and what I wanted to hear!

  7. Ahhh, the talk. Well, we had an assistant coach here who was fired over telling a girl to give some boys a BJ. I felt we needed to talk to our son about it. After the discussion, he asked me if I have ever done that. I promptly left the room.

  8. hahaha - great story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Are you ready to have The Talk with my son? The TO won't do it and I don't want to either.

  10. I thought I had sufficiently explained this very thing, but a book about spaying and neutering your pets brought out more questions this week! It never gets any easier :)

  11. Ha! That is great. And I would be perfectly comfortable with letting my children assume that as well.


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