Thursday, March 3, 2011

Road Trip/ Part I . . . I'm a Survivor and I Need a Margarita . . .

Travel expenses for road trip to Disney World . . .

Snacks -$20

games from the dollar store- $10

candy for my sweet tooth- $5

oil change that turned into a rear brake replacement and power steering fluid leak fix . . .  $436.00

Extra night in a hotel room to get on the road early to avoid a snow storm . . . $65.00

Windshield wiper replacement for the wiper that flew off at 70 mph during the monsoon that enveloped my van on I-75 . . .$8.00

Odd rumbling noise inspection while getting the wiper replaced . . . free

Results of odd rumbling noise inspection = broken tire rod . . . $237.00 (and two hours)

Snacks at the Dollar General while we were waiting for the van to be fixed . . . $11.25

Umbrellas purchased at the dollar general to walk back through the monsoon to the auto shop to wait for the van to be fixed . . .$10.00

Video games to keep the kids from climbing over the tires in the automotive showroom . . . $8.00

Another hotel room(this time with a pool and a hot tub for me) . . . 89.00

Advil . . . $4.85

Gas . . . my first born child

Arrival at Disney!!!

Margarita for mommy? . . . $9.00

 . . . and worth every penny!!!!

******Special thanks to the lovely gentlemen at the automotive shop in London, Kentucky for helping out.  My sister-in-law, my 3 kiddies, and I all owe you a debt of gratitude for keeping us safe on our 15 hour journey. :)


  1. Hope you guys have a blast at Disney. Family trips are always interesting to say the least. LOL

  2. Oh my! You really had an adventure, didn't you? Glad you guys got there safely.

  3. I didn't do the math because I was probably could've flown cheaper. :)

    But don't worry when asked about their trip to Disney they will tell anyone that will listen ALL about the car trip!

  4. Sometimes a getaway really is worth WHATEVER IT TAKES. Margaritas, of course, are essential.

    As is, I suppose, a safe driving vehicle. Glad you got there in one piece.

  5. I'm amazed the margaritas didn't make an appearance earlier! what a nightmare!

  6. I am about to take my car in to the shop and I have this funny feeling that it is going to be a bit more than I expect...

  7. Ouch! That is why I don't do roadtrips. Glad you made it to Disney with your sense of humor intact


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