Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When The Big O Hangs Around . . .

Ethan is very literal.

You may remember the time that his t-ball coach directed him to left field with the instructions, "Go stand behind Mark."  And, my little literal love trotted his butt out to where Mark was positioned and stood about six inches behind him.

There are no grey areas for that boy.

So, the other day, when he brought home his art work, and it was titled "The Big O". . .

I was more than a little worried.

Had a rotten little worldly kid explained the birds and the bees to him on the bus?

Had Ethan secretly viewed some Netflix movie in the basement when I wasn't watching?

Had he  . . . ahem . . . overheard his parents?

Clearly, I was panicking.

So, I worked up my nerve, and just asked him.  "Ethan?  What exactly is The Big O?  I can't tell from the picture."

Naturally, he sighed, rolled his eyes, and explained, "Maa-ahm!" he dragged out.  "Can't you tell what the Big O is?"

I gave him a blank stare and kept silent.

"Oh!  Alright! I will just tell you, " he lamented.  And then, with a big old grin on his face he explained, "It's an oppossum!  You know?  The Big O?"

 I have to admit, I was never so excited to discuss an oppossum in my whole life.

And, the really big O?  That conversation will have to be left until another day . . . and his father.

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  1. That is too funny!

    Thank goodness you didn't start a big Birds and Bees lecture before you found out what was going on.


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