Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mommy is Pooped . . .

Dear El,
Mommy loves you, and mommy loves that you can go to the potty all by yourself.  You are such a big girl!  What mommy doesn't love is when you try to wipe yourself.  Mommy doesn't like our bathroom to look like this. . .
pic compliments of wikimedia

Using 17 rolls of toilet paper so that our bathroom looks like it has been t'pee-ed by a bunch of drunken teenagers,  stopping up the toilet with the mounds of paper, and then still (remarkably) having marks of poopie evidence on your Dora panties . . . does not make mommy happy.

So, please, please, please give mommy a holler when you are ready.

Otherwise, mommy may have to purchase stock in Charmin.



PS  On a different note, how does a three year old have such big poops, anyway?  Just curious.


  1. Girl, I hear ya. I worry about our septic system with the amount of toilet paper my kids use.

  2. We've had to have our drains snaked out MULTIPLE times. I blame the kids.

    For everything.

  3. Ha! Too funny. I also insisted on doing the wiping and with my older two they gradually transitioned to taking on the job themselves when they were ready. My baby though is another story I think she would let me wipe her until she is 20! How do I break that habit??

  4. She's going to kill you for this post in about 10 years. Laugh.

  5. Came over from Snuggle Wasteland.

    You are my kinda girl...


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