Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Whiffle Ball of Death . . .

It was a pleasant 60 degrees as I worked in the yard on Saturday.  Dirty trickles of sweat snaked down my face, as I yanked out miles and miles of ivy.  I was grimy, smelly, and certainly reminiscent of Charlie Brown's Pig Pen as I labored in my garden. The sounds of the kids playing in the yard,  the scratchy scraping noise of my too old metal rake, and the bursts of wind that suddenly stirred the naked branches in the trees made for an awesome spring soundtrack.  Despite the fact that my personal cloud of dust followed after me everwhere I raked, I was happy.  I stopped my work, leaned on my old rake, and surveyed the scene. Breathing deeply, I drank in the lovely moment.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before I was choked.

I heard the familiar crack of plastic as Ethan made contact with the whiffle ball.  He had slammed the pitch into a near perfect line drive.

Too bad that line drive was interrupted after just 3 feet of flight . . .  by my nose.


pic compliments of brady bunch shrine

It was my own personal Marcia Brady-like moment.

After copious amounts of snot and blood and swelling, Ethan tiptoed over to me and whispered in a gush,  "I am sooooo glad I didn't kill you."

Even though I knew that it would restart the blood and snot cycle, I couldn't help but laugh.

Death by a whiffle ball?

I love that kid.


  1. 0h My gosh! Too funny. He must have been horrified, but luckily they bounce back pretty quickly!

    I hope your nose is feeling better!

  2. I don't care how light those whiffle balls are. They hurt like mad when they hit your face! Hope you're ok! :)

  3. Those whiffle balls are dangerous and hurt like hell.

  4. I love what he said! Hope the snot, blood and swelling quickly became less copious!

  5. Wow, that kid either has really good aim....or really bad aim!

  6. Ouch! Is your nose broken?

  7. Love the Marcia Brady comment. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting...I appreciate it!!


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