Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spies Like Hubs

"Have you ever considered that I might be a spy? "  hubs asked as we read the Sunday paper together.

I looked up briefly, met his eyes, and with a curt, "No," I went back to reading the paper.

He didn't take my hint and continued, "I mean.  I could go to school, go to an underground tunnel, and take off to a completely different life."

I stopped my reading. "Well, do you?"

"No, "  he paused and then said, "but I could."

He gaze was so intent that I burst out laughing.

"What?  What is so funny?" he asked.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I replied, " You are.  A spy?  I am picturing you as Maxwell Smart/ football coach. Too funny!"  And I started giggling again.

He chuckled too and then remarked, "I was thinking of myself as more of an Arnold Schwarzenagger type like in True Lies  It was on TV last night."

I summarized.  "So you are  leading a double life as a spy, and you picked Ahhh-nold as your persona?"

"Yeah!" he replied, proud of himself.

"I think that I am safe in knowing that you are NOT a secret spy. "

"Really?  How do you know?"

I answered easily. "Because secret spies do not tell their wives about being secret spies and compare themselves to Arnie. " I paused and then added, "Also, secret spies do not ask their wives if they know of a solution for toe nail fungus."

Case closed.

So, my question to y'all is this, "Do you have these crazy conversations with the one you love?  Or is it just me?"


  1. Are you suggesting that you have serious conversations? that make sense? ummmmm... I don't remember any....

  2. No worries. I have these types of conversations all. the. time.

  3. We have these types of conversations all the time. Only I am usually the one who starts them and Hubs is the one laughing at me! :)

  4. We have them, but I'm usually the one who asks! You indulge your hubs more than my husband indulges me, though :) I usually get a crazy look and a head shake!

  5. Oh the first line of this post made me laugh out loud! My husband and I have this type of witty banter all the time!! Too funny!

  6. Nope. It's hard to have a conversation with a sleeping lump.

  7. Lately our conversations revolve around our little man's bowel movements...but prior to that we had these sort of silly convos allll the time. Its what makes my hubby my best friend!

  8. My hubs says crazy stuff like this all the time. I guess he has an active imagination. ;)

    Stopping by from SITS.


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