Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crap Out . . . Crap In - A letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks so much for your care package.  Considering that we are in the midst of our January de-crapification,  it was so nice to receive more stuff to fill the crap void.  You are so thoughtful.

I especially liked the 10,000 beads that you included for Abbie's crafts.  They are currently on the landing of the steps acting as a Home Alone style obstacle course.

And the Dora book that plays music?  Well, that one is a gem!  You know what a joy Dora music is to my life.  I am now walking around the house singing La Cucaracha and I'm the Map.

Finally, the matchbox cars were a super treat for EthanAfter crashing them down the stairs and through the 10,000 bead obstacle, they are now currently awaiting a car wash to remove the play doh that has been shoved into their little nooks and crevices.  Did you know that a matchbox car will no longer roll once play doh has been inserted into its axle?  Me neither.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing the means for such an entertaining afternoon.

You two are the best.


And Mom and Dad,  if you are reading,  please know that this is all in fun and that you really ARE the best.  But one question . . .  are your grandparent care packages just cleverly disguised revenge strategies in retribution for all the crap that  I ever caused you?  Just askin'.

I must have been a real pain.


  1. Ahhh... that was a fun read :) and your kids are just adorable.. first time here and loved it. Im officially your follower now!! :) Absolute pleasure meeting you here in the blogworld. Awaiting more posts from you.


  2. What is it about people? This always happens to me! I tell them I'm decluttering my house and they give me a bunch of crap. Never made sense to me.

  3. LOL!

    I suppose this is one of the great things about being a grandparent, giving crap to fill up someone else's house.

  4. My MIL always sent the most annoying stuff. I'm sure it is some kind of revenge.

  5. Annie,

    Be careful, I still have two boxes of YOUR crap from Holy Communion to graduation... lots of awards, pictures, report cards etc. Most of my boxes are Dutchie inspired.
    Love Mom

  6. One day, the boxes will stop coming because the person is no longer on the planet. I will miss those boxes one day..... crap or not! Thanks for all of the crap "mom"!


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