Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Have Scarred My Kids

Hubs and I, Halloween 2010, as Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Dear Kiddies,

I know that I do things that embarrass you. 

Abbie, I have plucked my eyebrows using the vanity mirror in the car while I was stopped at a red light . . . right while you were next to me.  And, Ethan, I have given you a big wet sloppy kiss . . . right before you have hopped on the bus for school.

Clearly, these things have scarred you.

I have used my patient mommy voice in public to help the Walmart checker understand how to ring in a 30 percent off purchase, and I have used my teacher voice in public to reprimand potty mouthed teenagers at the local park.  I know that your, "Maaaa-AAAHHM!"  sighs and exasperated expressions signal that these voices have embarrassed you too.

I get it.

I have inadvertently worn socks that don't match (and one time I wore shoes that didn't match).  I have sported contacts that made my eyes appear to be two different colors on the same day.  I have worn my pj bottoms and slippers for parent pick up, and I have worn a do-rag in my 2 day unwashed hair . . . all while you guys were around.

I am not perfect.

But, let me remind you that I have also donned roller skates to be one of the only moms that helped all of you non-skaters make it around the rink during the open disco skate.  I have not been afraid to perform a cannonball at the pool.  I have been the mom to ride fast, scary, and upside down roller coasters.   And, although I may have lost my top in the process, I have jumped and played in the waves in the ocean with you.

I may be just a mom, but I do like to have fun.

So, yes.  I have scarred you.  And truthfully, I am glad.  Because a scar lasts.  It is forever.  And, more than that, a scar is a reminder.  A reminder of me, your mom, and  . . . a reminder of who I really am and how important you are to me.

And, each time you think of that scar, you will think of me, and you will have a memory of me, and you will have a memory of us together.

Personally, I think that is awesome.

So, I will continue to actively scar you and to burn you with memories and with my love.

It's the best that I can do as your mom.

I love you.


PS  I can not wait to scar you during your teenage years.  This blog alone has so much scar ammunition that you may just want to hibernate from ages 12-18.  Just sayin'.

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  1. I love this! How creative. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from the Mama Kat's WW.

  2. Oh this was perfect. My kids are 14, 12, and 8, and I tell them often that I will ALWAYS hug them and if they fight it I will only embarrass them. We are an honest family that love to have fun; sometimes at the expense of each other. That's just how it is. We embarrass each other, so it's mutual.

  3. Love your take on this prompt! I'm scarring my kids everyday, too. They aren't too happy about it but maybe one day they will understand.

  4. Oh wow! I actually got teary-eyed! You have expressed everything I love about being a mom, why I do what I do, why DH doesn't want me to work (he thinks riding those roller coasters are my job while he is at sea!). You are a great writer!

  5. lmbo I hear ya loud and clear. I too am one of those moms. I already have the teenagers and they tell me I am a HORRIBLE mom and their friends think I am awesome.. ah well one day they will look back and go crap I had it really good with mom.

  6. This was wonderful.I need to take some hints from you.

  7. EXCELLENT writing. Wow, I really enjoyed this post, and your perspective on "Scarred"

  8. I love it!! What a great way to look at scars.

    I'm scarring my kid everyday. One day I think she will appreciate (and in the very, extremely distant future will do the same to her kids)

  9. You are so funny and creative. I love how you took the letter approach to your kids for your Writer's Workshop. It was beautifully written. You are one smart Mom and your kids are very lucky! Some scars are good ...

    Stopping by via Mama Kat's! Come visit ME ...

  10. Haha.. That was really cute. I love your post! Such an awesome way of looking at it! :)

  11. The perfect coup! Threaten them with a blog... excellent... now, they're going to have to learn how to read and understand irony, wit, and subtlety... you go, girl... you've got it on... Come visit when you can...

  12. LOL. I love this! Hibernate huh? That' just awesome!

  13. Snuggle Wasteland suggested stopping by.

    Just remember in their teen years they will scar you back.

  14. Awww! That is great. Those darn ocean waves. Every summer at least one guy gets a free show from me.

  15. Great post! My children are so scarred it is not even funny. It is bound to get worse as they are 11, 9, and 4. And yes I always pluck my eyebrows at the stoplights - it is the best place!

  16. This makes me tear up. I am so excited for my boys to have moments that embarrass them so much they can't handle it, but will make them smile 20 years from now :) I want them to have scarred memories!

  17. Yes, the teenage years are awesome! You'll have loads of fun!

  18. This was so funny - so true! I so enjoyed pulling out the "baby pix" for his first real girlfriend. It paid back so many things he'd done to me when he was younger!! We called a truce - he quits saying, "Moooooom!" and I quit embarrassing him!!


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