Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Made it to 10!!

Dear Paul,

Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary.( And you thought I would forget!)

It amazes me how much has changed in the last 10 years. You have grey hair. I pluck my greys out.(Or use a sharpie marker on them. I have a feeling that that will not work for much longer.) We both have a bit of a belly that we attribute to baby weight. Sympathetic baby weight gain for you . . .

You're good like that.

We have made homes in three places. We have repaired floors, ceilings and walls, and we have replaced bathrooms and kitchens. We have planted about a gazillion hostas, and we have ripped out loads and loads of ivy. (Remember discovering that it was poison? eek!) You have killed bees, and I have killed plants.

We're good like that.

We have had a few cars in our years together. Remember when we were both young and cool and had SUV's, with leases? We were so dumb, but we both loved those cars! Or what about our first family mobile, the Honda Accord. I loved it. You hated it. Getting in and out of that car made your knees creak something fierce! And what about your beloved Green Hornet, our green mini van? 13 years old. 200,000 miles. Used car. That car had character! I mean, starting without a key? That's a fantastic quality for a harried family that often loses their keys. I will always remember it fondly, as it safely got me and my babies from here to FL multiple times, albeit without any form of style. And now we have graduated to my mommed out van. I love it (because it is so darn practical) and I hate it (because it is so darn practical). Thanks for letting me drive the fun car, the jeep, when I go out by myself. You know me so well!

'Cause you are good like that.

And through our life journey, we have created three beautiful blessings, Ab, Ethan, and Ellerie. They have smothered us in love and wet kisses (and puke and poop and other grossness), and they have challenged every idea that we ever had about being a "good" parent. We have giggled together about their turn of phrase (remember E's tentacles??), and we have consoled each other over many an ER trip. Broken bones, roto virus, ear aches, and flus have not broken us, babe. We are still strong.

We're good like that.

I thank God every day for blessing me with you and our relationship.

For better or for worse, I'm your girl forever, buddy. . .

'Cause I'm good like that.


Your Annie


  1. 10 is a big one! Congrats to you both! May the next 10 more (Hopefully more than that) be just as good if not better!!

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations on 10 wonderful years together! We're 1.5 years behind you...love the family photo on the beach.


  3. Congrats on making it 10 years! That really was a great letter. Sounds like you guys have a good life. Love the picture, too!

  4. Annie & Paul,
    Hope you enjoy your tenth. It is such a special milestone. Continue to make Decisions to Love each & every day and you will make it to infinity and beyond.........................
    Love M.

  5. Awesome! A good marriage is better than just about anything.


  6. Congratulations you guys. 10 is big, we just did 30 so keep going. You are such a sweet and special couple and have the most beautiful kids. Good luck on the next 10,20,30 years. Take care and God Bless!!!

  7. What a great tribute to your ten years together. I hope you have many, many more. Happy anniversary

  8. Oh how fab! I love me an anniversary. Congrats!

  9. 10 years is a milestone indeed. You two are good like that :)


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