Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dinner Is (Soft) Served

It's vacation time.

And, when it's vacation time . . . some rules just go out the window.

Like the rule about finishing dinner BEFORE you eat dessert??
When it's vacation, sometimes dessert IS dinner.

After all, if you can't eat ice cream for dinner on vacation, when can you?

And yes . . .
my kids think I am a rock star mom.


  1. You serve ice cream for dinner? My kind of mom ;)


  2. I may have some ice cream for breakfast!

  3. soo cute. ice cream for dinner is even better when you add nuts - at least then you get protein too ;-)

  4. Yummy! That ice cream is irresistable. But I am not going to tell my kids because then they would wish you were their mom and then what would I do?

  5. Enjoy your vacation. Ice-cream for dinner is a fabulous dinner on vacation (or anytime if you really want).
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  6. Ice cream is certainly a nutrious dinner - all that calcium & vitamin D; you have your carbs in the cone. Perfect way to enjoy summer vacation!

    visiting from SITS.

  7. I'm all for eat what you want on vacation! Looks delicious!

  8. awww...such lucky kids! So cute. Looks like they're having a blast. =) I wish I was on vacation eating ice cream right now! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Looks fantastic.....yeah I would totally think you were a rockstar mom too....

  10. That last photo? That one? That's EXACTLY what I look like when I eat ice cream!

  11. I'll eat ice cream any time of day! such darling pics!


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