Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twenty Things I WILL NOT Do (And You Can't Make Me!)

20 things I vow NOT to do this summer . . .

1. I will not cry when I inadvertently kill my tomato plant.
2. I will not mutter under my breath grumpily when I am forced to buy tomatoes from the local farmer's market after I kill my tomato plants.
3. I will not lie when others taste my fabulous tomato sauce and ask if it was made with tomatoes I have grown myself. I will fess up, even if it kills me.

4. I will not cry because my kitchen remodel is still not done.
5. I will not become impatient with the kitchen's progress and hire out the rest of the work to a local handyman.
6. I will not give up the friendly pestering of hubs to get the job done. (Love you hubs! Smooches!!)

7. I will not cry when I drive all three of my kiddies 10 hours, by myself, in our yearly quest to see the ocean.
8. I will not leave my bickering and fighting children on the side of the highway, despite my overwhelming desire to do so.
9. I will not drink myself into a coma when I arrive at our vacation destination out of sheer relief that the road trip is over. (I will have at least one drink, however. Or three. Just sayin'.)

10. I will not cry when I put on my summer bathing suit and check myself out in the mirror, despite any stretch marks, cellulite, flab or the like. I will embrace my womanly body, and be proud of my health without apology. (So there! sticks tongue out . . .)
11. I will not worry about what I look like in a bathing suit when I am at the pool or the beach. ( I have invested in some fabulous rose colored glasses for just this problem.)
12. I will not sit out of the fun of summer just because some magazine tells me that I should look a certain way. I will swim and jump and sing and dance and frolic (OK. OK! Maybe not frolic . . . but definitely the others.) this summer. I will enjoy this season to the hilt!

13. I will not cry when the kids say, "I am bored!"
14. I will not find things for the kids to do when they cry, "I am bored!" Instead, I will let them wallow in their bored-ness in the hope that their little minds will wander and their creativity will flourish. (Just not flourish enough to create a big honkin' mess in the house or yard.)
15. I will not succumb to the kids' cries of desperation by turning on the boob tube. It will stay off!! (except of course for my dvr'ed episodes of Glee and Modern Family . . .)

16. I will not cry when I see my kiddies grow up before my eyes.
17. I will not put a brick on Abbie's head in order to stop her from growing (like a weed I might add) into a young lady, despite the fact that I am not quite ready for it.
18. I will not put a leash on Ellerie to restrain her energy despite the fact that her zeal for life zaps the energy from my life.
19. I will not put a piece of tape over Ethan's mouth in order to acquire a moment of silence in my crazy day. I will instead try to listen to all of E's 6 year old theories and appreciate each and every one of them (to the best of my ability and my sanity).

20. I will not take any day for granted this summer. I will appreciate each and every day that I get to spend with my kids, hubs, and extended family. . .

. . . even if it kills me . . .

*****************This post was a variation response to one of Mama Kat's writer's prompts this week, the 30 Things You Will Do This Summer. Hop on over to see her and check out some other great responses. *************************
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  1. LOL! that's a great post. your kiddos are beautiful. i kill my plants all the time too :(
    All my kids are grown (19, 24, 26) and working/going to school so not free time for road trips. Too many crazies out there to drive by myself but i vow to make it to the ocean this year. someway, somehow. Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

  2. So funny! A brick on the head - does that work??

  3. My mom always threated us witha brick. Now she has taken to asking if it is necessary for my oldest, who is growiung way to fast.

  4. Putting my kids on the side of the road has definitely been a consideration. They sure do grow like weeds, I am often dismayed by my 13 year old, who is beautiful my height and curvy (but not half as much as her father who thinks dressing her in sack cloth should be the plan. I wish I could bottle my 9 year olds energy , people would pay thousands for that energy and metabolism. And my 4 year old philosopher who ask the questions and makes the statements everyone is afraid to. You got to love them

  5. Oh Annie, I love them all. Ditto for all of them for me, except the 10 hour car ride. I will however make sure when I take the daycare kids somewhere to bring them back home with me. I promise!! :o)
    Take care and enjoy your summer. God Bless you Annie.

  6. I loved this post :) And I won't tell anyone your tomato sauce is store-bought so I think that's a good lie to consider ;)

  7. Loved this!! I too am a reknowned killer of plants-- to the point that my daughter Danae promised she would water them if I bought flowers to put around the house. She's doing about as well as I did! And I think you should write down the stuff your kiddo philospher says for posterity... and of course, share it.

  8. LOL! Loved your list.

    Here's one of mine:
    I will not spend every day inside reading blogs or books.

  9. Oh, man. My husband finally told me I couldn't buy any more plants. I have a black thumb. Hope you have a great summer!

  10. I want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit too!! Please send me a pair of those glasses you found so I can do so!

    Love your twist on the list. :)

  11. I love the last one the best.

    Are you attempting to grow tomatoes too? I just planted one of those upside-down tomato plant grower thingies....thought maybe that way the critters wouldn't get to it. we'll see. If the tomatoes actually grow/survive, I might move on to bigger things. I'm also doing pretty well w/ my herbs, which seem pretty easy so far (knock wood!).....


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